A Thwarted Attempt to Rest

So after everything that happened yesterday, I decided to have a restful day today, sleep in, relax, and try  to recover.

But at 8:35 in the morning, my cell phone rang.

“What?” I croaked into the phone.

“I missed the final yesterday,” a chirpy voice rattled out. “Ha ha, I just forgot about it completely, which is, like, totally silly of me. I wrote you an email to ask if I could take it this morning but since you never wrote back, I decided to call.”

“Who are you?” I cackled, trying to awaken. I’m an old person and tend to expect that people start a conversation by greeting me and telling me their name.

“Oh. I’m Janet. From your course?”

When I looked at my emails, I saw that Janet had, indeed, sent me an email. At 11:47 pm. Since there was no response from me between 11:47 pm and 8:35 am, she found my cell number (which, as you might imagine, I do not share with my students) and  called me.

The funny thing is that I would have certainly let her retake the exam. I’m the most laid back professor in the world and always accommodate students’ needs. The student, however, could not have found a more antagonizing and obnoxious way of going about the whole thing.

I understand that students are young but do they have to be this inconsiderate and rude?

16 thoughts on “A Thwarted Attempt to Rest

  1. Maybe she thinks she was showing initiative by finding your cell phone number. True gumption.

    “Since there was no response from me between 11:47 pm and 8:35 am”

    The few times I taught college students, I came across several who seemed convinced that all I do is sit at my computer and stare at my email inbox waiting for their messages.


    1. “Maybe she thinks she was showing initiative by finding your cell phone number. True gumption.”

      – Yes, let’s look on the bright side. 🙂 I can do that on almost any occasion but not when I haven’t had enough sleep.


    2. This is just the extension of the belief that teachers live in the school, perhaps in the broom closet…. And professors live in their offices on campus. Because they do not have life, and actually are not really humans, but advanced teaching devices. 😦


    1. She said something about some directory that, apparently, makes people’s cell numbers available to everybody who wants them. I did give my number to the department but I didn’t know it was going to be made public.


  2. The student is stupid, there is nothing strange about it. What is strange though is that one of the world’s youngest and most beautiful professors calls herself ‘old’.

    One the other hand, it’s only a very young person that would herself or himself old.


  3. True Gumption, really? If my Kid ever pulled a stunt like that she’d bypass purgatory and be in hell for a very loooong time.


  4. Actually, this is a perfect example of what our society is becoming here in the west. Thinking they are Entitled to whatever they want and when they want it. 😦


    1. I’m starting to get an impression that this is becoming a true reality with Ebay. I want something very, very cheaply and so I get it for an impossibly cheap price. Recently I have bought replacement electric gadgets and martial arts gear for a few bucks.


    1. Nothing lewd, just some USB connection wires, camera batteries and a new camera. I recently also received a tripod from Hong Kong for $AU 11.52 including postage.

      Yesterday I also purchased some boxing head gear, nunchuks and some boxing bandage wraps, for 11.90, 8.48 and 3.98. The includes postage.


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