Vegetarian Caviar

A reader left a comment telling me that IKEA sells vegetarian caviar. I love IKEA for making furniture accessible to students and low-income people but what they sell in lieu of food is scary. I remember once trying one of their $1 breakfasts and a week of heartburn I experienced after that. And the way IKEA perverts the noble dish of Swedish meatballs?

If they are now doing to caviar what they did to meatballs, that’s simply criminal.

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Caviar

  1. I adore Sweedish meatballs. I have heard that Ikea’s Sweedish meatballs are delicious and have always doubted that information. Now I’m glad to know that my suspicions are well founded. πŸ™‚ ………………….. So vegetarian caviar….is that usually made form eggplant? My mother used to make eggplant “caviar” when I was growing up and I always found it delicious.


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