An Important Piece on Russia

People, reader Stringer Bell contributed a link to an incredibly intelligent and nuanced analysis of the current political situation in Russia. Please read it. 

The author gets every nuance right, and I’m immensely pleased to see somebody write in such an insightful way in English about Russia.

One little quarrel I have: there was enormous, Dickensian-style inequality in the USSR but it was less visible because of how segregated the society was. But that’s just nitpicky on my part. The piece is extremely valuable.

3 thoughts on “An Important Piece on Russia

  1. Remember a few months ago when I was constantly linking to the articles of nsfwcorp that you liked so much? Those guys couldn’t afford to fund their independent journalism venture and last month folded into, which is a tech site, but now focuses on all sorts of issues because of this merger. They have some brilliant writers on their staff now.


    1. Oh, it’s sad that nsfwcorp had to fold. It’s extremely saddening that so many hugely popular sites put out tons of garbage all the time when well-informed, nuanced, intelligent journalism is languishing. What a shame.


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