And here is my own small home improvement project:


I wanted these outlets to match my fireplace but there were none to be found. So now I’m staining and lacquering them on my own. It’s been two days because you need to let them dry between coatings.

Of course, I made a mistake almost right at the start when I needed to clean my brush, glanced at the instructions, read “immerse in water”, and immediately immersed. Two seconds later I noticed the words “under no conditions” right before “immerse in water.” This reminded me that I still needed to tell my students to use the totality of textual evidence for their analyses of texts. The brush, in the meanwhile, was ruined.

7 thoughts on “DIY

  1. You can probably wet sand the surfaces if you’d like a clean, smooth finish, although you’ll need more coats of finish.

    The instructions probably say nothing about this possibility.

    The boat deck varnish that the same company sells is awesome — with the right amount of stain, an orbital sander, and patience, you can turn any deck you now own into the foredeck of the USS Hedgehogs … 🙂


    1. Next it’ll be “counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor”, and then the Vogons will have to be called in …


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