The First Dinner at the New Place


And if I never have to move again, I will be a happy person. It’s the small things that will do me in. Where do all these completely indispensable tiny little objects come from? I’m having nightmares about heaps of small objects jumping out at me wherever I go.

11 thoughts on “The First Dinner at the New Place

  1. This is an amazing adventure! And will you remember that you started your new life when it was (seemingly) very cold and there was ice on the wine glasses?


    1. I addressed this once before. There are actually three or more things called barszcz in Poland.

      1 Barszcz ukraiński (Urainian barszcz) similar to a recipe Clarissa once posted (though it probably wouldn’t pass her test as being ‘real’ as it’s considered a soup)

      2 Barszcz czerwony (Red barszcz) – the standard Polish version is a clear broth made from beets and other vegetables, may have little dumplings called ‘ears’ (uszka) in it.

      3 Biały barszcz – similar to żurek, a soup made from sour rye flour (but might use wheat rather than rye) traditionally eaten at Easter.

      4 Cold borscht – is never called barszcz in Poland but chłodnik (it’s the exact same color as pepto bismol but much better tasting)

      5 A friend from the southeast of Poland makes a christmas eve soup that is called barszcz in his village. It’s made of sour rye, buckwheat and dried mushrooms. Heavenly (but no picture)


  2. BTW, let me once again urge anyone reading here to please read Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume. It begins with a discussion of beets. It is one of the half dozen best novels I have ever read.


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