How to Fight Moods

In case you do experience a mood (i.e. an inexplicable emotional state), this is what you need to know:

– There is a reason for what you are feeling.

– You can’t see this reason because you don’t think you can afford to know what causes these feelings.

– The feelings you don’t want to acknowledge will keep erupting in the form of moods, trying to get recognized.

– The longer you avoid this recognition, the more likely you are to get really sad or really sick.

One thought on “How to Fight Moods

  1. Ah, and sometimes what we take as a mood is not a mood at all, but something else. For instance, as I am aging, my hormonal levels are depleting. Even the juice in the Mirena device is depleting, which means I feel differently, and sometimes there is a grating sensation and my state of mind is clear but my memories are too sharp. The slight underlying pain of an almost constant pre-menstrual condition evokes memories of painful situations from the past. This is not totally bad in that I feel less hormonally intoxicated and much more cognitively alert. I’m really sharp. But the low level pain itself (both emotional and physical) is not desirable.


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