The New Dr Phil

After a long break, I’m now back to watching Dr Phil (whose show is a hugely important social phenomenon, which needs to be said in case anybody feels an attack of snobbishness approaching). And what really strikes me is how dramatically the show has changed.

Dr Phil is now always completely and adamantly on the side of abused children of all ages. Even just five years ago the opposite was the case. He was all “some kids are just born bad” and “your parents are abusing you for your own good.” Today, that’s all gone and he doesn’t mince words when telling abusive parents how much damage they cause.

This is huge, people, just huge.

3 thoughts on “The New Dr Phil

  1. Any chance you saw the episode where he interviewed that horrid woman who tried to murder her autistic daughter? I wanted to watch that one, and if that’s part of the pattern you describe, then I’ll be far less embarrassed that I share a birthday with this man.


    1. I started watching that episode and couldn’t because it was too horrifying and I started having a panic attack, so I don’t know how that one went.


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