Consumerist Birds

When I filled my bird-feeder with the expensive $2-per-pound bird-seed, I had crowds of birds visiting the feeder. 

But when I ran out and filled it with the cheaper $0,99-per-pound seed, birds refused to come. 

This is society of consumer at its worst. Even birds understand brands and despise the cheaper offerings. Maybe I should put a copy of Naomi Klein’s book outside. These spoiled birds might be interested.

12 thoughts on “Consumerist Birds

  1. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom tried to give our dog the cheap generic brand of dog food, and he gagged on it and put on a big display of whining about his hunger until we went to the grocery store again for Purina.


  2. Buy black oil sunflower seed by the 40-50 lb bags at a feed store. Shouldn’t cost even 50 cents a pound and most birds love it.


  3. Maybe they put something addictive into the expensive stuff. They do that with catfood, and with kids’ cereals, so why not with birdseed? Birdseed-producers want to make the birdfeeders happy so they motivate the birds a bit.


  4. Soak the cheap stuff in whatever fats you have left over from cooking.

    They’ll seek that out because the birds need digestive fats.


  5. It’s more likely that the expensive stuff is actually what birds eat while the cheap stuff is just garbage. Much like how cheap fish food and cat food is mostly corn. The pet food industry is just fucking brutal.


    1. “The pet food industry is just fucking brutal.”

      • This is the first time I’m encountering the pet food industry, so it’s not surprising that I’m confused by it.


      1. Ha, well, the human food industry is pretty brutal too. Corn corn corn everywhere.

        I like how certain industries market some very basic things as being super exclusive services that you need to shell out a ton of money for. Want food that this species actually eats? Pay more! The airline industry is another example. The legroom that was standard in coach a few years ago is now marketed as a luxury that you pay extra for, otherwise, fuck you and enjoy the debilitating pain!


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