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In the Name of Anti-fascism

Russians are killing Ukrainians by the thousand in the name of anti-fascism. They have been in a grip of an anti-fascist hysteria for quite a while. Anybody they dislike is declared a fascist and placed outside the realm of creatures who deserve to be considered human.

This is not an isolated phenomenon that only touches a few unhinged fanatics. This is a nation of 140 million that overwhelmingly believes in killing Ukrainians in the name of anti-fascism. And there’s no evidence they are planning to stop at Ukrainians. Anti-fascism offers them the perfect excuse to murder just anybody they hate.

Of course, this obviously means that there is something deeply wrong with anti-fascism. Don’t tell me that the Russians somehow misunderstood it and are not practising the right kind of anti-fascism. If they say they are anti-fascist, why should we disbelieve them?

And the argument that there are crowds of people who are anti-fascist and are not killing anybody is just silly. They are complicit with the atrocities done in their name by radicalized Russian anti-fascists.

It’s absolutely shocking to see how scared everybody is of denouncing radical anti-fascism. Obama is wriggling like he’s on a hot frying pan to avoid uttering the phrase “radical anti-fascism.”

In the meantime, the corpses of the people killed in the name of anti-fascism are piling up. When will we finally find the courage to accept that anti-fascism is wrong and dangerous?


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4 thoughts on “In the Name of Anti-fascism

  1. Postmodernism comes back to bite people on the butt. You can’t talk about real things anymore because the words themselves dominate and people don’t have the wherewithal or courage to be able to separate the phenomena from the label.


  2. It’s like the tribal wars that are permitted to take place in the name of “anti-colonialism”. The words and the concepts dominate, but the realities do not matter and neither does death. We are living in a world of abundant stupidity where people think they know what things are, but assuredly do not, no matter how much evidence is presented to them. Mugabe learned this trick. Just start killing and call it “anti-colonialism”. Everyone then goes along with it like docile sheep.

    As I keep pointing out, the wounding at the base of the Western psyche is its fear of being identified as “colonial” and from this comes the whole distortion of the Western psyche and its capacity to take in reality. He gets stuck on words and attributes too much meaning to them because he is afraid to take in political and historical meaning.


  3. Is it much more complicated than Russia (really mainly putin and a small power base of elites) wants eastern Ukraine to have a secure path to a warm water port in Crimea (I know he has tried to take other former soviet states to some degree – Georgia etc.). And realistically all the US can do is sanctions. Which are “working” to weaken Russia long-term… but we can’t really do anything to stop them unless we are going to put full military support behind Ukraine?


    • Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody can stop the Russians here because what they are doing is not reactive. They are addressing a number of internal issues that gave nothing to do with anybody else.
      And it is not just Putin at all. The people of Russia are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this war. They are happy, proud and enjoying themselves. What can anybody oppose to raw enjoyment?


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