It’s an important milestone for a scholar when she actually starts getting invitations to publish articles in edited volumes (by people who are not her friends, acquaintances, or former grad school buddies I mean.)

I received such an invitation today from two important scholars in my field. They seem to have been impressed by my recent publications.

I feel important.

7 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. As long as they don’t find out about how hopeless you are against squirrels….

    “Oh, we’re sorry. We wanted an article from someone who can actually outwit a pack of rodents…”


    1. I can just imagine the biographical blurb that will accompany the article. “In spite of her impressive academic achievements and a solid record of publication, Dr. Bulochkina has demonstrated an unfortunate incapacity to withstand a squirrel critique of her bird-feeding skills. . .”


    1. I’m following in your steps, though. I just had an article rejected because it isn’t Marxist enough. I mean, it’s Marxist all right, but not enough to “align itself with the journal’s goals.” Ideological purity is above all.


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