UK Academics: Please Help

People who have experience with working or studying at UK universities! I need your help.

If a person comes to a graduate program in the UK in the field of Arts and Humanities, are there any internal opportunities to fund the studies, at least partially? Are there any internal awards, TA-ships or RA-ships that international grad students could apply for? 

In short, is there any funding in such programs that grad students could work for while they study?

3 thoughts on “UK Academics: Please Help

  1. It varies by institution. At the PhD level, the main studentships (AHRC/ESRC) are for UK/EU students only. Many universities, however, have their own internal studentships which are open to all students. These tend to be very few in number and very competitive (in my uni we have 6 such studentships for the arts and humanities as a whole). At the MA level, there is very, very little funding available that I know of.

    If a person does not find funding, they can generally get a bit of ad hoc work teaching or working as an RA , but not enough to live off of and, generally, not until the second year of their PhD. Again, it varies by institution, and pay would be on the regular scale for these things.

    International students are also allowed to work 20 hours a week on their student visas, and partners of international students who accompany them on spousal visas have the right to work without any such restrictions.


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