Soccer Scandal in Montenegro

Yesterday, Russians forced the soccer match in Montenegro to be stopped mid-game because they used the match to engage in massive anti-Ukrainian and anti-US propaganda. This is not the first time they are breaking the FIFA rules and use the game to burn flags and do all that kind of crazy shit.

There is still time to move the 2018 World Cup away from Russia. Imagine what pandemonium will each game become if the World Cup is allowed to be conducted among the completely insane and hugely aggressive Russians.

5 thoughts on “Soccer Scandal in Montenegro

  1. Do you have links? The stories I’ve seen point out the home Montenegrin fans as the worse party (including hitting the poor Russian goalie with a flare!). The match should have been called off right then.

    I agree that holding the WC in Russia is an amazingly awful idea, but then who got in trouble for awarding it Qatar which is using slave fucking labor to build infrastructure?

    FIFA is so incredibly corrupt that Russia probably seems like a reasonable place to them.


    1. “The stories I’ve seen point out the home Montenegrin fans as the worse party (including hitting the poor Russian goalie with a flare!).”

      • Yes, but only after the Russians behaved like total animals for hours, trying to burn the US flag, displaying terrorist imagery, shouting terrorist slogans, etc.They didn’t come to play football. They came to involve everybody in the discussion on the US and Ukraine.


      1. It’s in Russian, but the offending flags are right there:

        And, of course, there was a pro-Serbian march organized by the Russians right before the game.

        And a small flag-burning:

        These Russian “fans” go from country to country, wherever a game takes place and insult the locals with their “Greater Russia” manifestations. THis isn’t about the game any longer.


        1. Aren’t in-game public nationalistic chest-thumping displays on par for European soccer (and soccer in general)?

          The fans and (futbol norte americano) players in America in general keep the riots or domestic problems after the game or off the field.

          At least that’s my impression.


          1. Nobody would have had a problem with the Russians had they brought their own flag and waved it. And actually, they did bring it and did wave it and it was perfectly fine.

            But they brought in the equivalent of the ISIS banner to the equivalent of a Yazidi stadium. The reaction was predictably violent. Another analogy would be bringing Nazi flags to a game in Israel.


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