The Mysterious Tree

People, we just encountered this sensational tree and can’t get over it:


The roots grow down from the branches until they reach the ground and plant themselves. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

Of course, the locals are of no help.

“Yes, I’ve been living in [this very tiny town] for 33 years. Tree? Which tree? Right behind me? Where? Oh, this one! I have no idea what it’s called. I’m guessing it must be old.”

Does anybody know what the tree is called?

11 thoughts on “The Mysterious Tree”

      1. If you’re ever in California, you have to come see the Sequoias. Biggest trees on the planet, and I’m an hour’s drive from them here in the San Joaquin Valley.


          1. Of the many sins our landlady has committed, I’ll never forgive her for chopping down two huge redwood trees to make space for an extra garage for her cars. It’s a 50 acre property but she had to locate the garage at that exact place.

            Those majestic things were easily 100+ years old.

            By the way, you would love watching the plant/trees episodes in BBC nature documentaries. ‘Life’ is one. They’re all narrated by David Attenborough who has the most soothing voice on this planet.


  1. There are so many invasive species (plant and animal) in Florida that it’s a wonder anything native survived at all. Banyan trees are a nice exception isince they grow so slowly they don’t displace anything.


  2. I can confirm Banyan tree. They are abundant in India. Given enough time, a single tree can spread over several acres!


  3. Yup, banyan tree. I grew up in Lahaina, and there’s a gigantic one growing in the town square that is home to many myna birds at night (Another invasive species from India) who make quite a chatter. I used to swing by the descending root vines as a kid, then when I was 7, a tourist kid fell and knocked his teeth out, and afterwards, they had many signs warning people to not climb on or swing from the tree.


  4. Love your banyan tree! I’ve shared it on my Pinterest ‘Wildlife and Nature’ board where it’s in good company, with an ancient, warty fig tree and the oldest olive tree in the world (allegedly).


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