Idiotic Spectacle

I met yet another person who is declaring that she is planning to solve her psychological problems with reading and self-analysis.

Somehow, it does not occur to anybody to bore others with stories of how they will solve their dental problems on their own. I don’t care what people do about their psychological issues as long as they keep them away from me. But this infantile dishonesty offered for display is annoying. One can’t even conduct a lousy little massage on oneself. How likely is one to be able to reach inside one’s own psyche?

Conclusion: feel free to be an idiot in private but don’t make a,spectacle out of it.

9 thoughts on “Idiotic Spectacle”

  1. Certainly some people are not able to address issues themselves, and like many things related to the mind, it is highly variable and situation dependent. But, the reason people can’t do their own massage certainly, and even some of their own dental work is because of physical realities. Dental work is a little more complicated, but the better analogy with massage is having N. give you a massage. Probably as good as a professional masseuse? No. But still quite possibly effective, yes. And a lot cheaper 🙂 Just wanted to point out what i find as a logical flaw / fallacy of physics that you usually don’t display in your rationale.


    1. If I asked my husband to give me therapeutic (as opposed to romantic ) massages, he’d offer to pay for an actual specialist. We don’t believe in cheapskating around our own health.

      And please remember that anybody who knows you in any personal context whatsoever and offers psychological help is a manipulator and needs to be avoided at all costs. And when your romantic partner is going that, it’s a play for power and needs to be stopped immediately.


  2. On the other hand, a lot of what psychoanalysis and so on do try to teach is self-awareness.

    And, based on what much psychotherapy is, I suspect that reading (depending on what one reads) and self-analysis can in fact do a lot more (I have found it to be so) … and I think I’ve gotten as much or more in terms of analysis from blogging and blog commentators than from professional people. I am not saying my current person is bad or is not useful, he is, but it is still the case that most of the thought and so on has to come from me, and a great deal of my insight is inspired by and in other experiences and conversations.

    I find that the greatest value of having a professional hired is that it means there is a person I can see, here, not far away, who is willing to help support me in keeping my rudder straight in a workplace situation composed almost entirely of toxic waves and winds.


    1. P.S. Reading, as in reading professional work in field of psychoanalysis, or reading professional work on trauma and recovery, and so on. Sérieusement.


      1. Even the most talented diagnosticians font diagnose themselves or their relatives. They go to another specialist. And these are physical illnesses that are visible to the eye.


        1. I don’t disagree. But I find you have to push them at times. In the past year I have twice convinced medical people to do X rays they did not think necessary, and sure enough, I was right, there were things that needed identification and attention.

          My point is just, mental health care can be so bad in US, I can see why people give up on it and try home remedies.


          1. Yes, it’s abysmally bad in this country. 😦

            And I’m not impressed with medical care in general in the US. Doctors seem incapable of anything but prescribing medication. It’s like it doesn’t even occur to them that they can be doing anything else.


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