People, tomorrow and the day after is the second anniversary of Eric’s death. I won’t be posting anything new for obvious reasons.

Here are some fun old posts for you to read while I’m away:

Students and money.

In case you forgot that robbery is not cool, here is a reminder.

I kind of miss taking the bus because of the funny stories that came out of the rides.

What the UK was like back in 1990.

A story about a Russian class I once taught.

Have you ever wondered why nobody wants to date happy men? Here is the answer.

Do you remember the weird anti-sex tantrum Naomi Wolf once pitched?

An immigrant discovers inequality.

Toilet religion is both funny and disturbing.

The KGB people had a sense of humor.

Do you remember the stuttering student debacle? That one was fun.

The attitudes towards responsibility among liberals and conservatives.

A short funny post on toddlers and tiaras.

Now seems like a good time to remember the Biden / Ryan vice-presidential debate. Good times!

In case you forgot my stalker story, here it is.

I’ll be back on Monday.

17 thoughts on “Blackout

  1. Ah, buses.

    I kind of won’t miss taking the bus because …

    a. the DVLA appears to be restoring my driving privileges soon;
    b. promises were made that I would not treat the M5 like an Italian autostrada;
    c. paying for mini-cabs and taxis is within my means;
    d. high-speed trains are more enjoyable, especially in posh snob class;
    e. distance fares on First buses are going up in the West Country;
    f. quite possibly all of the above.



  2. I’ve been thinking of you and N, take care of yourselves while you remember little Eric.

    And thank you for thinking of us and giving us something to read, while missing you.


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