The Tyranny of Losers

…Another U.S. official said Malik expressed “admiration” for the extremist group’s leader on Facebook under the alias account. But the official said there was no sign that anyone affiliated with the Islamic State communicated back with her, and there was no evidence of any operational instructions being conveyed to her.

Not even ISIS wanted this loser, which is not at all surprising.

There have always been great numbers of these damaged, useless losers who couldn’t integrate into productive society and lashed out violently against the world they couldn’t join peacefully and creatively.

The Spanish Empire, for instance, purged itself of its freaks by exporting them to the Americas where they killed, raped, and tortured in the name of God. The world has shrunk since then, so it’s harder not to notice the freaks. Plus, they join their communities of losers online.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to ensure that we, the normal, productive people, don’t come into contact with ugly creatures like this Tashfeen.

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