ISIS Russians Kill Each Other in Syria

A Russian ISIS fighter cut off the head of another citizen of Russia in Syria. Both men are “ethnically Russian.”

The victim was adopted by a Chechen family as a child, accepted Islam and took the name of Muhammad.

The killer was a very devout Christian until in the last year of college he met some Muslim students, converted and took the name of Taymullah.

Now, Taymullah (formerly, Anatoly) murdered Muhammad (formerly, Evgeny ) at the behest of ISIS.

Fucking shame.

4 thoughts on “ISIS Russians Kill Each Other in Syria”

  1. “After five Turkish vessels were held at the port of Novorossiysk for “inspections,” Turkey retaliated on Friday by holding four Russian ships at the Black Sea port of Samsun.”

    If President Erdogan continues to escalate the situation by closing the Bosporus Strait to Russian ships, things are going to get interesting. President Putin sees an opportunity to present himself as a good guy by tapping into an old Russian theme as the indispensable and unappreciated protector of a weak and dissipate West against the Asiatic hordes with Erdogan cast in the role of the duplicitous and brutal Turk.


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