Creepy Voters

Voters on yesterday’s debate:

Verbatim quotes about Christie: “He’s absolutely on point and he makes me feel safe.”

This sort of self-infantilization is creepier than the everlasting fuck. And it is very similar to the ways in which Russians describe their deification of Putin.

People over the age of 14 normally know that feelings have an internal locus of control and that the role of politicians is not to help voters emote.

As Zygmunt Bauman said, the sloppy, sappy private has devastated the public space like a tsunami.

One thought on “Creepy Voters

  1. Where art thou, presidential candidate who will keep me safe from terrorists. prowlers, boogeymen and things that go bump in the night? Will you be answering the red batphone in full president drag at ass’ o clock? Do you understand firewalls as well as you do fire bombs?


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