Planning the Holidays

My favorite time of the year is upon us, and I’m preparing the holiday menu. We will be celebrating:

1. American Christmas;
2. New Year’s;
3. Our Christmas (January 6-7);
4. Old New Year  (January 13).

American Christmas will be themed chic and elegant. We will be having roast pheasants, mushrooms, and something called “a wine cake” that I never made before but N requested.

New Year’s will have a traditional Soviet theme. We will watch Soviet movies, listen to Soviet music, drink Soviet champagne, and eat traditional Soviet “salads”, Soviet stuffed eggs and Soviet desserts. Our favorite restaurant where we usually go for New Year’s countdown has closed, so we’ll have to do the Soviet version of the countdown at home. We will also listen to the New Year’s address by the President of Ukraine.

Our Christmas will be done in the Ukrainian style with Ukrainian dishes and traditions. The Old New Year still remains to be planned.

Yes. We know how to enjoy life.

12 thoughts on “Planning the Holidays

  1. “We will be celebrating:

    American Christmas;
    New Yearโ€™s;
    Our Christmas (January 6-7);
    Old New Year (January 13).”

    You don’t celebrate the WINTER SOLSTICE?????


            1. Well, I never went out shopping for either Thanksgiving Black Friday or Boxing Day. Maybe this is the year of experiencing both for the first time. ๐Ÿ™‚


          1. Life Day (technically not so much Christmas, since it’s Nov 17; It’s from an old Star Wars TV special – which was just plain terrible – of course I’ve watched it though I’ve never really been into Star Wars )

            Festivus – Dec 23 (from an old Seinfeld episode but apparently some people do it now

            Kwanzaa – Dec 26 – Jan 1 (African American holiday originated in the 1960s)


    1. That’s really pathetic. I wish they concentrated more on improving the people’s standard of living so that Tajiks don’t have to go to Russia in huge numbers to work in horrible conditions.


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