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John Kasich lectures Talmudic scholars. What a likable fellow he is. Not.

[Russian] An Israeli journalist searches for anti-Semites in Ukraine. Very funny.

Why everybody read Sanders’s Daily News interview and nobody read or heard of Clinton’s interview with them. I have to confess, I’m one of the thrill-seekers who skipped the boring, well-informed piece in favor of the shocking one.

The report also warned that child marriage is common in Lebanon among Syrian communities where families cannot afford to care for their future and see marriage as their only coping strategy. “Child marriage is done as a coping strategy. But not only for financial security; also because they perceive the threat of their daughter getting raped if single.‘” Yes, the girls are getting handed over to rapists in order to save them from rape. Makes total sense. I detest this mealy-mouthed dishonesty that prevents people from stating openly that girls are being sold to parent-approved rapists before their market value is lowered by non-parent-approved rapists.

The post is in Russian but the text doesn’t matter. It’s all about the photos that illustrate how traumatized people recreate their trauma in order to keep reliving it. In the linked post, Israeli Jews recreate the European ghetto because they can’t escape from their trauma. But we all do that, if not in such a striking and visible way. The painful experiences in our lives that keep getting replayed are an equivalent of this manufactured ghetto.

As I’ve been saying, young women don’t vote for Clinton because they haven’t had an opportunity yet to experience sexism.

It is hard to resist the symbolism of the Islamic State establishing a base for its murderous designs in the so-called capital of Europe at a time when the European idea is weaker than at any time since the 1950s. A jihadi loves a vacuum, as Syria demonstrates. Belgium as a state, and Belgium as the heart of the European Union are as close to a vacuum as Europe offers these days.”

Solutions are proposed as the shockwave of the new industrial revolution becomes visible on the horizon. Naturally, we first get small and comfortable ones — such as a guaranteed minimum income, which guarantee high and growing levels of inequality. We might even implement these, leaving the resulting social turmoil for the next generation.” At least, somebody understands what a disaster GMI will be.

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts heard a case yesterday involving one teen encouraging another teen to go ahead and commit suicide, which he eventually did. She is arguing that she shouldn’t be prosecuted for this criminally, and I agree.” Me, too! Saying things is not and cannot be a crime.

A more nuanced look at NAFTA than what we hear today from politicians who like to pander to the voters who are disturbed by  the world’s complexity.

Father who have baby boys are much more likely to take paternity leave than fathers who have baby girls. That’s just weird. Every man I know is more excited about daughters than sons. Which, unsurprisingly, mimics my father’s desire to have daughters and not sons. Seriously, we only encounter whatever we expect to encounter in the world.

Dinesh D’Souza never heard of logic.

And a real treat: this is a post that every academic or aspiring academic should read. And then read again. And possibly memorize. Because it will be invaluable in a scholar’s career.

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  1. Do you really think all speech should be de-criminalized? What about the classic example of lying and shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater causing a panic as people flee? I can’t remember what your response was, but didn’t you recently write about a case where a young woman suggested and discussed how to murder another person to her boyfriend who carried out the deed? What’s your opinion on the girlfriend’s culpability?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I think there are definitely gray areas in terms of criminalizing speech. I am just not sure exactly where I think the boundaries should be legally, so I’m interested in your opinion!


    1. This seems relevant to the article about Syrian girls being married off by families who can’t afford them.

      Remember the hashtag #Bringbackour girls? Boka Haram recently posted a video of some of those girls. Apparently, many have chosen to act like suicide bombers in preference to being repeatedly raped by their captors.

      Some of those forced into being so called “jihadi brides” are clamoring to become suicide bombers. A 16-year-old teenager, identified only as Fati, told Britain’s The Express that if girls become suicide bombers they can escape a life of continual rape and potentially be rescued.

      “They [the Boko Haram fighters] would ask: ‘Who wants to be a suicide bomber?’” Fati recounted. “The girls would shout: ‘Me, me, me.’ They were fighting to do the suicide bombings.”

      “If they give them a suicide bomb” she said, “then maybe they would meet soldiers, tell them: ‘I have a bomb on me’ and they could remove the bomb. They can run away.”


      1. “Boka Haram recently posted a video of some of those girls. Apparently, many have chosen to act like suicide bombers in preference to being repeatedly raped by their captors.”

        • I have no words. :-(((((((((((


    2. “What’s your opinion on the girlfriend’s culpability?”

      • I think it was a disgrace she was convicted for murder. I still can’t get over it.

      “What about the classic example of lying and shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater causing a panic as people flee?”

      • A fine for disturbing peace with noise seems an appropriate measure to take.

      I also think it’s ridiculous to blame Trump for the scuffles that happen at his rallies. People choose to hit other people. They are guilty and should be punished. What anybody else did or didn’t say is immaterial. I wouldn’t hit anybody even if Trump dedicated 3 hours each day to telling me to do it.


    3. I guess “incitement to suicide” isn’t a crime in America, right?
      Not talking about this specific case, but I think that if one person is on the brink of doing something, but is not resolved yet, words can make a big difference. You can push them down in the abyss or pull them away from it; rowdy crowds can be soothed or fomented, etc…


      1. The problem is that nobody can possibly know for a fact if the words had any effect or not. How can anybody prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person in question wouldn’t have committed suicide without the words?


  2. May be, you would like the novel ‘A Replacement Life’ by Boris Fishman. NY review is here, but you could instead try reading a few pages on Amazon to check whether you like his writing style:


      1. \ For some reason, I feel an extreme reluctance to read any literature by my former compatriots written for Western audiences.

        I am unsure “my former compatriots” describes what is here. Boris Fishman immigrated to America at the age of nine and, unlike you, has no understanding or real experience of FSU. For instance, many of communist slogans and proverbs in the novel were invented by Boris Fishman himself. He did not try to describe FSU. What he wrote about is FSU immigrant Jews in America vs Slava, their (grand)child who grew up in America and tries to sever ties with the immigrant ghetto by becoming completely American. I thought you would like the book since there is lots of humor in it (in a good way). Slava, the main protagonist, dreams to write for “The Century”, but instead ends up writing forged histories of being in a ghetto / concentration camp for FSU American Jews desiring to get money from Germans. Slava’s grandfather, the first person for whom Slava agrees to write such, is a particularly colorful figure.


  3. \ Israeli Jews recreate the European ghetto because they can’t escape from their trauma

    Are you referring only to Holocaust here? If so, I disagree since there are plenty not Jewish extremists in various sects who do their best to escape modernity: Amish, some of ISIS people, etc.


  4. When I was in Jerusalem last month my “neesher” (marshrutka) from Ben Gurion drove through a number of Hasidic neighborhoods before letting me off at the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University. Same on the way back. For some reason both times about 80% of the passengers on the shuttle were Hasidic in the full traditional dress. I didn’t see lots of Israelis in modern western dress until I actually set foot on the university campus.



    “Ohio State Turns the Concept of ‘Safe Space’ Against Student Protesters

    Activists were cleared from a building by officials who claimed that they were making university employees feel scared.”

    Reminds me of how the US military used the ‘it’s cultural’ excuse to defend their support for Afghan leaders who were raping boys.


  6. “Ohio State Turns the Concept of ‘Safe Space’ Against Student Protesters. Activists were cleared from a building by officials who claimed that they were making university employees feel scared.”

    My hearty congratulations to the university officials for adroitly turning the tables on those poor students who think they’re the only people in the world entitled to a “safe space.”


      1. ““Ohio State Turns the Concept of ‘Safe Space’ Against Student Protesters. Activists were cleared from a building by officials who claimed that they were making university employees feel scared.”

        • What a disgrace. What’s next? A professor who doesn’t return graded exams and claims that his dog ate them?



    “One thing I’ve enjoyed about the Democratic primary is learning which voter demographics you can pathologize and which you can’t. It turns out that even vaguely gesturing at the idea that Black voters may be choosing incorrectly is definitely oppressive and wrong. After all, that’s the kind of stuff we usually only reserve for the disgusting poor and working class white voters. On the other hand, explicitly saying young women voters are ignorant, complacent, naive, or boy-crazy cool girls is actually fine. Used to, that was the stuff of Reddit, but believe it or not, “bitches be crazy” is an actual genre of election coverage about why young women go for Bernie.”


    1. I’m still waiting for an intelligent, insightful analysis of why black voters reject Bernie. This election is not the end of the world, and the answer to this question will be important. And “correctly / incorrectly” is not analysis. It’s not anything at all.

      As for the rest, yes, a much greater progress has been made in terms of women’s rights than in terms of combating racism, so sensibilities differ on this issue. Maybe in a hundred years or so they will catch up to each other.


      1. “I’m still waiting for an intelligent, insightful analysis of why black voters reject Bernie. ”

        Have you read this article (link at bottom of my comment)? To me, this is one of the best explanations on the subject. The author”s central point is that, “Most Blacks Don’t Live in Poverty.” And he builds from there and essentially says that Sanders just misses the boat and doesn’t respond to middle-class and working-class Black needs.

        Along those lines, here is one part of the article that I found particularly enlightening:

        “Bernie talks a lot about making college education affordable, very little about strengthening HBCUs. Making a college education free doesn’t address the quality of schools. Public schools are free, and many inner city schools are bad.

        Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been badly underfunded compared to comparable white schools. Hillary has been all over this issue for a reason. When people talk about reparations, people imagine black voters wanting direct cash payments from the government. In fact most realist black voters are thinking of redressing tangible injustices like this. Jim Crow governments intentionally underfunding these schools means they have far smaller endowments (and poorer alumni networks) than comparable schools. There is a reason only 6 of these 105 schools engage in major R&D (also cutting down on the number of black entrepreneurs). If I was advising Sanders I would have him take a look at this.”

        I have never considered the importance of HBCUs for black voters. And if Clinton vocally supports them, it makes sense that black voters prefer her. Anyway, if you haven’t read this article, it is quite good (though the writing style leaves a bit to be desired.) Enjoy! 🙂


  8. Survey of Arab millennials provides interesting picture of changing attitudes of young adults in the Arab world.,7340,L-4791552,00.html

    I was surprised by 81% here:

    \ However, a vast majority of Iraqis view the US as an enemy state (93%), as do those in the Palestinian Authority (81%).

    Kind of amused by 13% (it’s quite high):

    \ Regarding what they believe drives people to join ISIS, 25% said unemployment, 13% said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and 25% said that they have no idea why someone would support the organization.


      1. It’s a bluff. Where the hell will they put their $750 billion dollars? In the Saudi Stock Exchange?

        It just shows how freaked out they are about the possibility of the 9/11 report naming them as accomplices.


        1. “..knows how to talk to Wall St.”

          Lol. This is even funnier when her camp is using “Clinton went to wall st and told them to ‘cut it out'” as an actual fucking talking point.


  9. Do those people intend Israel to return the Golan Heights right now or in unspecified future (iow, never)? Of course, Israel won’t return extremely strategic place to hell-knows-whom in return for nothing. Sorry, in return for being attacked from there by somebody.

    \ The Israeli government is to hold its first ever cabinet meeting at a location on the Golan Heights on Sunday, in an effort to underline Israel’s determination never to relinquish the strategic ridge despite anticipated international pressure to do so.

    According to a Channel 2 report on Friday evening, the first clause of a draft agreement aimed at settling the brutal civil war in Syria, being worked on with the support of the US, Russia and other major world powers, specifies that the Heights, captured by Israel from Syria in the 1967 war, is Syrian territory and must be returned to Syria.


  10. \ John Kasich lectures Talmudic scholars. What a likable fellow he is. Not.

    That was not all of it, it turns out. Look:

    Kasich then launched into a brief appraisal of the links between Passover and, um, the blood of Jesus Christ.

    “The great link between the blood that was put above the lampposts” – er, you mean doorposts, governor — “the blood of the lamb, because Jesus Christ is known as the lamb of God. It’s his blood, we believe …”

    Kasich also made the cardinal error of shaking his box of shmura matzah as he spoke to punctuate his remarks – a cringe-worthy move for Jewish shmura matzah consumers. If the high-priced, delicate matzahs inside are broken, they become unsuitable for ritual use.


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