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Sexual harassment entails failing to see a woman, any woman as extremely vulnerable and fragile human being who, at any given time, is on the brink of a mental breakdown. At least, that’s the definition that is becoming dominant in academia. 

And this is what a sexually harassing syllabus looks like these days

This post on the “Confederate Party” is over 2 years old but it’s really great

MSers, beware! Courts have declared it legal for law enforcement to swipe your gift cards

Testosterone and the risk of dementia: a very important post. 

It’s curious that only people who live in extraordinarily opulent societies feel this sorry for themselves. Never ceases to amaze me. 

Trump supporters are not the wretched of the earth. Loved this piece (Except for a dumb comparison of unemployment in Spain and during the Great Depression in the US.)

The Toronto burqa murder

Remember the Swanson TV dinner? I used to think those were so chic.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Link Encyclopedia ”

  1. from the first link:

    “this is also the problem that Sarah Ballard wants the federal government to fix”

    Modern feminism is traditional femininity to the nth power. Part of that involves women seeking institutional support to protect their virtue (which involves keeping low status men and cads away from their maidenly selves).

    I cannot imagine a feminist from the 70s or 80s taking 98% of what passes for feminism now seriously – mainstream consumer feminism has morphed into the very 1950s conformist stereotypes that they were fighting against.

    ” It’s the beginning of the end of her career in astronomy.”

    I think a fair amount of this kind of drama is simple rationalization. She got bored with the field or disenchanted or decided her own prospects weren’t as rosy as she once thought they might be. Rather than simply look for something else she had to create a “reason” that made the situation not her fault (not that anybody but she herself would regard the situation is one that required blame be assigned).


    1. Did you see the link on “gender shrapnel”? I sincerely hope the author is simply a cynic who is surfing the wave to get her name known outside of the field. I don’t want to believe she writes that crap seriously.


    1. Wow. That’s out of this world. I loved the bit on sausages. 😊😊😊

      That’s how nationalism rewrites history. Usually, this happens with more distant history but hey, whatever works.


    1. “Русские красавицы играют в футбол в дружественном Иране”

      It’s good practice because that’s what their future looks like.


  2. In case you’re interested:

    Полтора года прошло с того момента, как я написала пост про кактусовую щетку для тела, которая помогает справиться с отечностью, застойными явлениями, улучшить лимфоток и кровоток, и как следствие сделать фигуру лучше.

    С тех пор девушки не устают меня благодарить, так, как будто я саму эту щетку изобрела, а не с древности она существовала.

    Не секрет, что пророссийское лобби в промышленных кругах Германии выступает одной из главных сил в Евросоюзе, которые добиваются отмены экономических санкций, введенных против агрессивной России.

    Свое мнение о возможности возвращения к такому «business as usual» со страной-агрессором, а также о перспективах визовой либерализации и сложном пути украинских реформ в эксклюзивном интервью собственному корреспонденту Укринформа в Брюсселе рассказал депутат Европарламента от Германии, представитель политической группы Европейских консерваторов и реформистов Ханс-Олаф Хенкель.


  3. Palestinians arrest 4 who visited settler Sukkah

    After being recieved for an interfaith meal at the house of the Mayor of Efrat, four Palestinians have been arrested by the Palestinian Authority; PA security official: ‘any Palestinian cooperation with settlers is viewed as violating the law, as he cooperates with the enemy.’

    While Palestinians see settlements as illegal, thousands of Palestinian laborers in the economically depressed West Bank continue to work in menial jobs in the Israeli communities.

    The security official said the government is aware of laborers who have no choice but to work in settlements to support their families. He said officials are interrogating the men who attended last week’s celebration to see if they violated any laws.


    Rocket fire at Sha’ar Hanegev, IDF retaliates
    Following the sounding of a Code Red siren early Monday morning in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, the IDF retaliates against Hamas targets in the northern Gaza Strip; Rocket apparently landed in Hamas territory.


  4. From comments to the linked above post:

    У моего приятеля был коллега-японец, который изучал иврит. Приятель, узнавши, очень удивился, мол, зачем тебе это? Японец объяснил: Израиль – такая великая страна, о ней каждый день в газетах пишут и по телевизору говорят, хочу сам быть в курсе событий…

    At last, all this negative publicity has borne fruits.


    1. The friend was trying to flatter him. Japanese people tend to be outlandishly polite in the workplace.

      In the current US election, for instance, Israel never even came up. Russia, Lybia, Iran, Mexico, China were all mentioned obsessively in every debate. Israel never was.


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