The culmination of the process we are witnessing will be to see American citizens turned away at the airport. Remember, citizenship is an attribute of the nation-state, and nation-state is what Very Serious People want to destroy. 


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    1. Will Canada follow Norway’s lead and sentence them to ten years in a five-star prison that includes televsion, a typewriter, a Playstation 2, and enrollment as a full-time university student?


        1. “Hi dreidel, do you know what happens when the executive branch of government chooses to ignore the judicial branch?”


          President Trump’s idol President Andrew Jackson had a straightforward message for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall in the 1832 “Worcester v. Georgia” decision to strike down a Georgia law that imposed regulations on the comings and goings of white people in Native American land.

          Jackson’s message for the court was, “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

          Jackson ignored the court’s finding that Native American Indians had sovereign rights to their tribal lands in the U.S. Southeast, and proceeded to use the U.S. Army to forcefully move the Cherokee Nation westward along the so-called “Trail of Tears” from Georgia to the then sparcely-inhabited Oklahoma territory.

          Johnson got away with defying the judicial branch. Incoming whites got access to the land vacated by the Native Americans, and the non-assimilated descendents of the Cherokees are still living in reservations in the Southwest.

          IS THERE A MORAL TO ALL THIS? It’s perhaps that the only thing that counts in ANY country is who at any given time has the RELATIVE POWER. The Supreme Court was too weak to hold sway over the Executive Branch back in 1832. Today the Supreme Court is almost always considered to have the last word.

          But Trump is going to nominate a strict conservative candidate to fill Justice Scalia’s position next Thurday, and that candidate will almost certainly be confirmed.

          So if the current unrest rises to the level of the highest court in the land, it will be — interesting — to see in whose favor the court decides.


          1. You’re doing a better job than Sean Spicer. Slick!

            Just one thing: you forgot to add ‘Enjoy the ride!’ as you often do whenever you discuss these ‘interesting’ times brought upon by your party.


            1. “you forgot to add ‘Enjoy the ride!’”

              Hey, why keep adding obvious, redundant afterthoughts?

              Riding the pollitical rollercoaster through interesting times is always an exciting adventure. The only trick is to keep your seat belt fastened, so you’re still safely in your seat at the end of the ride.

              Hardly limited to “my party,” though — Andrew Jackson was one of the founding fathers of the modern Democratic Party and the current two-party system that controls American politics!


  1. The culmination of the process we are witnessing will be to see American citizens turned away at the airport. Remember, citizenship is an attribute of the nation-state, and nation-state is what Very Serious People want to destroy.

    You mean, Americans who only hold US citizenship. People with dual citizenships are already having problems. I suspect dual citizens who hold citizenship in the US and with Turkey, Iraq, Syria (not sure who else) will have problems.

    Canadians are already having issues.

    I don’t understand all of these very serious idiots who are gloating. It must be their profound economic anxiety.


    1. Exactly. First the dual citizenship, then the single citizenship. It’s going to be eroded into utter insignificance.

      Of course, this is nothing to people holding a bunch of passports and a fortune allowing them to live anywhere they please.


      1. Interestingly enough most Americans do not own a passport. Unlike birth certificates, passports expire every ten years and require renewal fees of about $100, last time I checked. American passports allow quite a bit of freedom to travel around the world (but not quite as much as Germany.)
        From 2016:

        World’s best passports (by number of countries granting visa-free access)

        1) Germany — 177
        2) Sweden — 176
        3) Finland, France, Italy, Spain, UK — 175
        4) Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, U.S. — 174
        5) Austria, Japan, Singapore — 173
        6) Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Switzerland — 172
        7) Greece, New Zealand — 171
        8) Australia — 169
        9) Malta — 168
        10) Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland — 167

        Hence the diplomatic freakout from the UK & Canada. :/


      2. —First the dual citizenship, then the single citizenship. It’s going to be eroded into utter insignificance.

        I guess the opportunity to have a dual citizenship is already a mark of more liquid times. If you consider a very hardcore traditional nation-state – such a state would not allow people to divide their loyalties this way… Welfare only in exchange for 100% loyalty.



      He could actually vote and make a real difference in America politics, instead of just running his mouth (or his typing fingers) endlessly!


      1. You do realize you’re posting on the internet on a blog run by someone who’s not an american citizen, that has people from several countries posting in the comments.

        lol @ you demanding to see people’s papers online. Calm down.


        1. LOL Stringer Boy…I’m merely suggesting that since you obviously think you know much more about American politics than most U.S. voters, that you act on your great concern and knowledge by becoming a U.S. citizen and putting all that brillance to practical use.

          You do realize that Clarissa has actually spoken on this blog several times about possibly becoming a U.S. citizen — a subject you seem strangely mute about concerning yourself. WHY??

          Clarissa’s beautiful daughter is already an American citizen, of course.


      2. Dreidel, perhaps you’d be more comfortable in the safe space of US citizens-only online forums. Have you explored that possibility? Don’t want you to be triggered so much here. 😦


        1. I turned around for literally 5 minutes and discovered that we are getting close to a call to deport me on my own blog.

          Trump is definitely not having a good effect on people.


        2. “Dreidel, perhaps you’d be more comfortable…”

          Nice try, Stringer Boy. 🙂

          I realize that your goal is to drive everybody who says anything vaguely favorable about Republicans or Israelis off Clarissa’s website — and that’s obviously one of your goals, since you repeatedly hurl childish insults at me, el, matt, cliff, the guy from Panama, and any other commenters who don’t share your superior vision of the world.

          But we’re not going anywhere — so don’t get your hopes up!


          1. Then stop asking for people’s immigration status on the Internet, you fucking chump.

            It’s cute when you do your ‘you ain’t from around here, are you boy?’ cowboy routine every time you’re at a loss for words.. In westerns I get it, but you do it online. Lol.

            And I would never dream of driving you and your idiot posse of trumpers off this site. How else would a random reader of the blog know how horrible and stupid your positions are? You lol, Matt lol, panamahat lol. I cower at the collective brilliance of this champion debate team.


            1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I KNEW I could provoke you into one of your entertaining childish rages.

              Thank you for being so predictible! 🙂


              1. “You might want to turn your caps lock off…”

                “…fucking chump” & “idiot posse of trumpers” = rage.

                One SINGLE cap word = emphasis.

                Get it? Or would italics be more subtle?


  2. Hi Dreidel, if President Obama released a statement on Holocaust Remembrance day without a single mention of Jews, and then doubled down on it (‘We do not regret the omission’) even after criticism, what would your reaction be?


  3. I’ll say it again: It’s an amazing coincidence that people who remember WWII, the Holocaust and Japanese internment are all dead or will be leaving the earth soon and everyone pooh poohs the idea that anything that’s going on resembles that period of history. It’s almost as if nobody remembers any history at all, let alone the version in which America saves the world from Nazis.
    It’s Korematsu’s birthday.


  4. “I KNEW I could provoke you into one of your entertaining childish rages.”

    Looks like you get off on being called an idiot online. And obviously I love calling you an idiot. Dude, I have a feeling our relationship’s going to flourish.


            1. Don’t you periodically make a “lame dad” claim that people call you “Boy” because you’re an Asian Indian — when it’s actually because you keep losing your composure like a hyperventilating thirteen-year-old adolescent?


              1. Only one of us has been reprimanded by the owner of this blog to control their racist tirades, otherwise they’d be banned. So, if I were you I would stay silent on the topic of composure.

                But one of the essential qualities for being a modern day republican is an acute lack of shame, so I’m not exactly hopeful.


  5. “so I’m not exactly hopeful.”

    So make up your mind, dude — is “our relationship going to flourish,” or isn’t it?

    Or are you schizoid as well as bipolar?


  6. Trump fired acting AG for refusing to obey his orders on immigration. AG’s first duty is to follow the law and constitution not the whims of the president. Constitutional crisis coming soon.


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