Once a Jerk

There was this girl in high school who was a total jerk. Bullied other kids, tried to bully me with dumb antisemitic garbage, which is especially cute given that she’s Jewish. 

I thought, hey, people change, you can’t judge folks their whole lives by the way they were in high school. So I accepted her Facebook request. 

And now she’s littering my feed with dumb Trumpazoid screeds. 

This is a good life lesson.


13 thoughts on “Once a Jerk”

  1. Dealing with jerks should be a minor issue during a midlife crisis. So did you eat the frozen pizza tonight, or did you forget?


  2. My grade school bully sent me a friend request on FB several years ago. Thinking like you that maybe people change, I accepted. Then, she sent me a bunch of messages telling me how intimidating I was in grade school and how she mistreated me because I was smarter than her and I made her feel bad, so she lashed out at me. I silently deleted her from my friends list within 24 hours of that BS.


    1. Facebook is great if you are very conscious about how you use it. It is a fantastic way to keep up with far flung family and friends. But it’s also very easy to fill it up with random people and assholes from earlier stages of life. People like Clarissa’s former schoolmate have to be avoided or deleted to enjoy the benefits.


      1. It sounds like the potential for needless drama is endless when one is on Facebook. Someone unfriends you or rejects your friend request — it probably doesn’t make you feel all that great. You have to unfriend or block someone because they are spamming you with trivialities — not the greatest feeling either. I would likely eventually unfriend my own mother, because she’s just too bored and craves way more engagement than I want from her even though we only communicate via email. My husband tried on multiple occasions to connect with old friends, and has had to block most of them as they are just too much. One in particular he unfriended when after she kept spewing anti-vax bullshit (“No vaccines, just drink lots of water, and sleep, and exercise, and your immune system will be able to handle anything!”), he confronted her, and then she went completely nuts.
        Facebook seems totally crazy to someone like me, who’s outside looking in.


  3. Facebook is the worldwide rule of Mean Girls…. (or the Fashion Club)

    I can imagine using it as a glorified app to keep up with people (if you’re into that) but beyond that…. it seems that sitting in a cold puddle and hitting your knees with rocks would be more fun.


  4. REALITY CHECK! Okay, so FB is a problem for those of you “enlightened” enough to use its services!

    This is a simple question about Clarissa’s cooking — what the hell is going to happen to the “midlife-crisis” inspired frozen local pizza????


  5. I was once contacted by a school friend of mine, not even a bully… Very quickly he started accusing me of betraying the motherland by emigrating to North America. I knew that he is Ukrainian but lives in Moscow, so inquired about his motherland. His response – “I was born in the Russian Empire”.


  6. I’m on it because of user density and to keep casual tabs on people.
    I don’t really post personal things. My brother posts endlessly.

    I don’t know how many Klara related posts you put on FB.

    Beyond initial curiosity I have little reason to FB friend people I have fallen out of touch with. My brother friends almost everyone and some of his “friends” are doozies. Lots of Trump fans.


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