The “I Wanna” Mommies

There is an article in the NY TIMES About women who smoke pot during pregnancy. The disgust I feel for these vicious pieces of refuse (as well for those who drink alcohol in large quantities, smoke tobacco and take other natcotics) is profound. The poor kid hasn’t even been born yet but she is already couching her relationship with him in terms of “I wanna and you can get stuffed.” Obviously, this will get only worse when the kids is born. 

P.S. If some of these trash heaps want to comment: remember that I consider you subhuman by default. So maybe stay away.


5 thoughts on “The “I Wanna” Mommies”

  1. I haven’t read this article, but there is a book by a social scientist whose name I forget at the moment, who did field work in Jamaica for many years with pregnant women. Apparently Jamaicans use some forms of cannabis as folk remedy and a type of cannabis tea is regularly given to pregnant women. The author concluded that this kind of moderate use has no effect on infant development. As you can probably guess, she was widely reviled in the United States for her findings.

    Of course it is very unlikely that the women in the nyt article are reading this book to make their decision. But still, it’s an interesting factoid.


    1. Actual scientists cited in the article say that this shit does cross the placenta.

      In any case, why even take the risk? How addicted does one have to be not to be able to stay off it for just 40 weeks?


  2. We thought one of my cousins was going to be like this, since her mother and her sort-of stepmother were like this. She surprised us all by quitting cold turkey as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Nobody told her to do it. The baby’s father is in the picture, too, and they’re clearly smitten with each other and the kid.

    Seeing that, I honestly don’t get how anyone could claim that it’s impossible for a pregnant woman to quit smoking/drinking/doing drugs. It’s clearly possible. Why wouldn’t you want to give your kid the best chance you can?


    1. It’s true. The knowledge that there is somebody in there who is completely dependent on you and can’t escape is the most powerful deterrent I know. And if it doesn’t work, something is not right.


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