I Don’t Care

I don’t care to follow the news right now. All I will see is a replay of November 9. Democrats are getting clobbered on DeVos, on Sessions, on the SCOTUS pick. And as always, I’m sure they have fantastic excuses for all this losing. Not that I care to hear them again. 

We have a party of unhinged crazies and a party of pathetic losers. Of course, losers are more palatable than deranged maniacs. But as for mustering any enthusiasm for them, that’s beyond me. 


9 thoughts on “I Don’t Care”

  1. I know it all looks hopeless right now but we still have to keep going. I’m glad that not one democrat voted for Devos. That’s a start. When was the last time democrats showed any kind of unity? It’s always some blue dog democrat asshole who goes against the grain.

    You’re a gifted writer. Your blog is super popular. I have referred your blog posts to my friends and family, and now they’ve become fans as well. I bet they’ve circulated your posts to their friends too. I’m sure there are other readers of this blog that have done the same.

    These fascists and their bootlicking worshippers won’t go away on their own. Whatever influence you have (and it’s a lot more than the average citizen), you can continue leveraging it to influence more and more people. You may forget this occasionally (and I’ll be here to remind you), but you’re influential, and every little gesture helps.

    I don’t think of this in terms of winners and losers. There are fights worth fighting for even if you know you’ll end up on the losing side. If voting for a misogynist, racist, morally bankrupt, authoritarian party is what’ll make me a winner, put me in the loser’s column all day.

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  2. Hi, Clarissa,
    I don’t quite know how to word this,but you and I aren’t in enemy camps. Despite the hatred spewed toward me by Stringer Boy types, I don’t see your world coming to an end while mine advances. Yes, Trump is an abomination, but he isn’t the anti-Christ.

    He’s part of a pendulum that swings periodically in American politics, moving it correctively too far in one direction, after it’s swung too far in the opposite, before it evitably moves back toward to center.

    Obama, for all his sincere goodness, was a disaster as President.He threw away American prestigue and power in international politicics, apologizing for U.S. power while ceeding the advantage to adversaries like Putin and Iran. He appointed Cabinet members who ignored black crime and bankrupted small businesses who had religious concerns about baking cakes or allowing bathroom proviliges. He gave far too much privilege to unions, except where they were opposed to tribal nonsense over water rights, and showed little concern for the effects of illegal immigration in this county. To him , the rigid teachers’ unions were gods, to be worshiped uncriticially, despite their diastrous effect on American education.

    Now Trump’s appointees are poised to swing the pendulum back. If they temporarily cut too far, at least they’re leaded back in the right direction. And relax, in a few years, the inertia will bring it back toward the center.


    1. This is much bigger than any two individuals. We are witnessing an enormous transformation in the entire form of statehood. This is not something I’m saying. This is something that absolutely every single analyst, philosopher or thinker is saying, entirely irrespective of their political conviction. I’m looking at this big picture and not at the differences between individuals Obama and Trump.

      I’m sad for the departing form of statehood and wary of the incoming one. The one that is fading away is all I know, so obviously I’m sad it’s going away. It’s not Obama or Hillary that I’m mourning. It’s public higher ed, it’s the welfare state, it’s mom-and-pop stores in small but bustling Midwestern towns, it’s those towns themselves, it’s caring about the place you live because you are not transient in it, it’s people like my handyman not being replaced by dumb shit like Alexa or whatever, it’s shared traditions, and even the dumb old myths of the nation-state.


  3. Rumours in Canadian newspapers that Trump is going to nominate Sarah Palin as ambassador to Canada. Sounds like a joke but isn”t. W.H. refused to confirm or deny today.


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