The “Hillary’s Emails” Stategy

If the post on climate is not very clear, let me make it clearer. Remember Hillary’s emails? That’s how propaganda wars are won. Find a short, easy to remember phrase and repeat it millions of times. People like things they can recognize. If they recognize something, it must be true. Once your phrase becomes a slogan that everybody recognizes and that dominates the airwaves, you win. It doesn’t matter how empty of content the slogan is. It’s got to be simple. Hillary’s emails. Full stop. Nothing else. 

The second you make it a tiny bit complicated, you lose their attention and they’ve moved on to another round of Hillary’s emails. 


16 thoughts on “The “Hillary’s Emails” Stategy”

  1. I’m trying to think of ways to smear Republican politicians in my state. I’ll keep this in mind because it really is the most effective strategy.


    1. Just remember that it has to be something Republican voters will actually dislike. You can’t say “He’s racist!” because they’ll go, “Hey, that’s exactly what we want!”


      1. Exactly. Which is why I think democrats lost a big chance to attack Trump on the botched Yemeni raid. The target escaped and is now taunting Trump online. It resulted in the death of the Navy SEAL, and numerous civilians. Leaks from within the administration show it was a poor-planed raid.

        Attack him with ‘he doesn’t care about the lives of our brave soldiers. The scatter-brained fool is busy tweeting during his daily security updates, shame on him, blah blah.’


        1. “Attack him with ‘he doesn’t care about the lives of our brave soldiers.”

          • Yes, this kind of thing. Benghazi was blown up to the skies very masterfully. That’s why I think “he hates America” can be a great anti-Trump slogan.


      2. This is something liberals are very bad at! I’m not sure I can figure out what would work for Ohio Republicans and swing voters, but at least I’m aware it’s not what will work on me.


        1. That kind of nonsense won’t work on anybody!

          Ideas like that are one reason why the party with a jackass for its symbol lost so badly — and won’t be regaining any relevance for at least the next eight years.


            1. “Hello! Hillary’s emails worked sensationally well.”

              Hi rght back! I was referring to the anti-Trump “He hates America”-type slogans.

              “He’s bad for America” might eventually work, but only if /after his policies produce clearly unsuccessful results.


  2. Eh.

    There are some quite complicated propaganda that people eagerly repeat over and over again with new “explosive” details.

    People want to believe something they’ve been primed to believe and will come up with all kinds of complicated reasons why it is right and true.

    Otherwise, why is GSLiC even relevant?


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