The Birthday 

We had an actual Indian buffet at home. Let’s see who can guess all the dishes!

I never got to try anything during the party; mostly because I had a new dress on and didn’t want to destroy it. 


6 thoughts on “The Birthday ”

  1. The sweets are gulab jamun, the yellow one looks like it could be kadi pakora (it could be something else though.) The rest I might be able to tell if I saw it in person, but just looking at a picture I’m not quite sure.


        1. The brown-red curry is too dark to be some sort of chicken curry usually served in restaurants here, I think. So, lamb curry? And top left, daal? Adrian identified everything else.


          1. The dark curry is my favorite thing: lamb vindaloo. Because it has potatoes! It had to be very non spicy because people are not adventurous around here. I like it the way it’s supposed to be: super spicy.


  2. That does look like a bunch of nipples in the upper left hand corner…..

    In the middle I see orangeish brown and next to it reddish orange.

    Then there’s mustardy yellow, green and brownish red!

    hmmm brownish reeedddddd.


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