Swedish Consumers 

What’s really funny is that the tweet in the previous post was written to ridicule Trump’s comment about mass immigration problems in Sweden when the tweet itself is a perfect demonstration of why Swedish authorities are desperate to bring in immigrants. 

The tweet’s author is sincerely and simple-mindedly convinced that the whole world is eager for the details of her consumption and that there is no political and social issues that can’t be subsumed by the list of products she devours. A society like that will not procreate at replacement levels and will stagnate with only high suicide rates to break the monotony. Yes, there are people like this Ida everywhere, but in the US there are enough people with religion and enough recent immigrants to counteract the inertia of consumerism. 


2 thoughts on “Swedish Consumers ”

  1. I think the focus of her tweet was not that she was eating shrimp, but that her president wasn’t Trump. You might be reading too much into it.

    Also, Instagram is the place to brag about one’s consumption and to marvel at how wonderful your life turned out to be. Twitter is for snark and heaping abuse on each other. 🙂


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