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Riots in Stockholm 

Riots have been taking place in Stockholm overnight. Apparently, they’ve been provoked by a drug-related arrest in an immigrant area. I have no doubt this will in no way affect the smug shrimp eaters we discussed on the blog yesterday. 

It’s interesting that Trump knew about the riots in advance, isn’t it? It’s not shocking or unexpected. Just mildly curious. 


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4 thoughts on “Riots in Stockholm 

  1. \ It’s interesting that Trump knew about the riots in advance, isn’t it? It’s not shocking or unexpected.

    Are you ironic here, especially in the second sentence?

    Do you really believe Russians organized those riots (either warned Trump in advance or decided to help him after that ridiculed speech)?

    To me, this sounds like “the elders of Zion” conspiracy theory. As you love to say, it’s a sign of patriotism to believe everything happens because of America’s decisions. Or Russia’s.

    Swedish police’s spokesman Lars Bystrom said: “This kind of situation doesn’t happen that often but it is always regrettable when they happen.”

    I take it to mean that riots do happen regularly, but not too often yet. Like bad weather.


    • Putin’s most successful vehicle of control in Western Europe and now the US is stoking fear of immigrants. He knows how effective this strategy is because he’s been using it in Russia for 17 years. The strategy is simple: you make sure that as many immigrants as possible arrive and then exploit the naturally arising tensions to win elections and exercise social control.


  2. “Trump knew about the riots in advance”

    I dunno, predicting riots in immigrant areas in Sweden is a little like predicting snow in Alaska in January… Unfortunately the response falls into two extremist camps

    the wine sipping shrimp eaters who refuse to believe there are any problems caused by purposefully non-integrating immigrants who hate and want to replace them (overwhelmingly muslim, other immigrants don’t cause as many problems)
    the “deport ’em all, all muslims are evil” knuckle draggers.

    My position is “let’s take a realistic look at the problems and see what can be done to address them” which interests no one, probably because a lot of the answers involve undoing pretty, comforting myths about diversity and multiculturalism.


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