A Hispanic student told me that some of her undocumented friends have signed over their children to her for when they get deported. They have to go “back” to places where they haven’t been for 20 years, and they will need time to get established for when they can fetch the kids.


5 thoughts on “Sad”

  1. This seems like it isn’t new for undocumented families, though. I mean, it’s always a risk. 😦

    What’s new and not normal are people who are legally here on a green card or a visa freaking the hell out on such a level.

    Here is a panel interview of women from O Magazine, designed to be inoffensive and softball. Most of the group was Trump supporters, and hilariously Oprah made sure none of them were touching her.
    Maybe it was the hate crime in Kansas, or the local mosque fire being ruled arson or you asking whether your husband should carry a green card with him on a domestic flight. Perhaps it was all of this happening around Mahashivaratri. But I had to stop when some stupid woman said, “We’re all good people here.” There are more such insulting platitudes. “Everyone is my family.” I’m sure it would have been too verbally aggressive for that panel to rebut all of that. “I have a profound love of legal immigrants.” To a legal immigrant: “I’m not negating your fear.”

    Who is this performance for? Where they cry and have all these stupid platitudes and act helpless? I don’t understand this.

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    1. I couldn’t read the interview to the end. Usually Oprah is great at drawing people out but here there was absolutely nothing at all from a single person that rose above the level of the hoariest cliche. As you say, these platitudes are so bad that they are insulting. It is as if people gathered to recite the same slogans they’d been hearing during the campaign. I could have written the lines for all the participants in my sleep.

      This is crazy: the election is over, and people are still like total zombies. Nobody has allowed a glimmer of insight to break through the fog of propaganda.

      “Who is this performance for?”

      • I think they are performing for themselves. All of them are playing to the audience of one: their own self.

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