Trumpcare Bites It

Wow, the Trumpcare bill failed. Really, wow. I was putting a brave face on it but now I have discovered that it failed, I’m almost crying. I will probably even have an uncharacteristic alcoholic beverage to celebrate. 


12 thoughts on “Trumpcare Bites It”

  1. Can we put to rest the following myths?

    a) That businessmen can be good politicians and ‘get things’ done’? Hell, half of the time they aren’t even good at business!

    b) Pual Ryan is a serious policy wonk. lol.

    Among other things, this will embolden moderate republicans even more. He demanded a vote and dared them to vote no on it, and like a coward pulled the bill.

    Matt, feel free to tell us how Trump is playing 12D chess here. Remember, this is the honeymoon period of this midget. lol.


    1. Remember The Art of the Deal? This is somebody who is about to stun us all with his great deal-making skill. Any day now. Keep waiting. He’s almost ready to do it. In another 100 years, for sure. It’s coming.


      1. High energy too! Lobbied for a bill for 3 weeks then says fuck it, I’m going home to take a vacation. Obama lobbied for his healthcare bill for an year.


  2. Sorry for being a downer, but I do expect administrative sabotage of Obamacare to start anytime now. These are some immoral motherfuckers we’re dealing with.

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  3. The “Freedom Caucus” stands for “freedom from taxes for the rich.” The final vote would have been a disaster, since Ryan was bending over so far for the ultra-conservatives that he chased away the moderates. When a guy like Rodney Frelinghuysen abandons the bill (old NJ money, dating back to when the Dutch owned NYC), the GOP has a problem. After all, as Chair of Ways and Means, he is one of those who define what the “party line” is in the House. He came out in opposition on Friday morning, and that’s when Trump’s world really collapsed.


  4. Like

  5. Two groups of freaks:


    Naked activists kill sheep at Auschwitz gate
    Police say the seven men and four women draped a white banner with the red text ‘love’ over the infamous gate; unconfirmed local media reports said the incident was intended as a protest against the armed conflict in Ukraine.,7340,L-4940138,00.html


    Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Is Arrested in Israel

    An intensive investigation spanning multiple countries culminated on Thursday in the arrest of the 18-year-old suspect, who holds dual Israeli and American citizenship, and his father. The teenager’s lawyer said he had a brain tumor that could affect his behavior.


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