A Nagging Session

I don’t want to be a nag, but colleagues are fretting on the university email service that some dumb survey we had to fill out on workplace satisfaction only gives “binary gender options.” Not surprisingly, these are the same people who have been ranting against the poor schmucks at the sister institution for being “wasteful” and had not a word of condemnation for Rauner.


3 thoughts on “A Nagging Session”

  1. I don’t find anything liberating in gender. If you accept the idea of the sex/gender distinction, then it seems to be that the concept of gender is actually oppressive.

    But in the age of identity politics, it appears that your colleagues cannot resist the lure of identity, even as they demand 100 different identities in the name of diversity, which actually renders the concept of identity meaningless, in my opinion.

    Also, as you suggest, identity politics here is very individualistic and self-centered (I am being excluded by the binary gender option, with emphasis on the “I”), which prevents solidarity between groups to fight the real enemy.


    1. When I experienced a very real and documented gender-based discrimination at this university, this merited no collective discussion, you know? When I tell people, they behave like I’ve violated some important social code. But some dumb survey, yes, that we do care about.


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