Between Parent and Child

For those who are interested in parenting books: Haim Ginott’s Between Parent and Child is really good. It should have been used during the Cold War to defeat the Soviets.

Forget the arms race and the star wars. All that Americans needed to do to make the USSR collapse was translate this book into Russian, print a few million copies, and make sure the book got into the hands of the Soviet people. Every Soviet person who was a parent or who had a parent would have immediately suffered an apoplexy, and there would be no USSR any more.

I like the book because it makes me think of things I wouldn’t consider on my own. For instance, there is the really great advice to keep the answers to a child’s questions short. I do have a tendency to answer the simplest questions with an hour-long lecture, and I’m realizing that it might be aggravating to a child.

The best thing about the book is that it teaches parents never to succumb to the temptation to see the child as an enemy or as a little tyrant who is victimizing them. The power is always on the side of the parent 100%, and it is crucial to wield this power with great care. Yes, as I said, Soviet people would not survive even the first two pages.

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