The Department of Homeland Security wants to present myself at noon tomorrow at their office to have my fingerprints taken. They will check the fingerprints against the FBI database.

This is weird because I already underwent this exact process at the exact same office when I applied for the green card 5 years ago. My criminal record could have changed, yes, but fingerprints remain the same, so why not just use the previous batch?

The notice I got informs me that if I try to reschedule, the immigration case will be set back by months. It is as if they wanted only the kind of immigrants who don’t have jobs to be able to apply.


6 thoughts on “Immigration”

  1. Maybe they want to make sure you’re really the same person, and not somebody else who says they’re you?

    It’s ridiculous that they threaten that kind of delay. Regardless of the job-related issue, what if you were seriously ill? They’d punish you for something that was no fault of yours?


    1. Nobody wants any sick immigrants, that’s for sure. ☺ But yeah, what if I were at the hospital, giving birth to a citizen, eh? That should count for something.


  2. Nothing makes sense…like having to drive 6h, pay a night in a hotel to have the next morning a 10min appointment for my fingerprints. Plus driving 6h back. I suppose I was lucky not to have to repeat the process (happened to a colleague as the prints were not correctly taken).


  3. A friend of mine is bringing his parents here. USCIS wants police clearance from every country they’ve stayed for more than 6 months. Which is unlucky for them because they worked in many countries before settling back in India. What’s more, his mom doesn’t have any thumbprints because, like most Indian women of that generation, they used awful knife techniques to chop vegetables. You know the technique where you hold the vegetable against your thumb and bring the knife to it? We were joking the other day that his mom literally erased her identity in the service of patriarchy, haha. It’s a fucking mess.

    I spit at anyone who ever tries to suggest that immigrating to the US is easy.


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