Concentration Camp for Gays

The current wave of the persecution of gay men in Russia has culminated in the creation of a concentration camp for gays.  

People, this needs to be talked about. The only hope here is that this horror will become widely known and international pressure will be applied to make this stop. This is inhuman; this is beyond evil.


2 thoughts on “Concentration Camp for Gays”

    1. Chechnya is in Russia. The leader of Chechnya Kadyrov is Putin’s best friend. In federal elections, 90% of Chechens vote for Putin. Putin has no electorate that’s more reliable. Chechnya receives the best federal funding of all federation. Kadyrov proclaims himself a patriot of Russia. Last year, a bridge in St Petersburg was named after Kadyrov.

      So your analogy will work when a street in Tel Aviv is named after Hamas. ☺


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