The only question I have about Comey is YTF In a didn’t fire him after the election for bring an unprofessional dumb twat. 

Say what you will but Obama had a huge hand in throwing the election to Trump. 


10 thoughts on “YTF”

  1. Yeah, I’ve always been surprised by his naivete. ‘We didn’t talk about Russia helping the Trump campaign before the election because it would give the impression that we were being biased’.

    Biased? Dude, they think you’re a Commie Kenyan Muslim and you’re worried about this? As if they’ll stop sending racist email forwards to their friends and families now that you’ve shown yourself to be supposedly neutral.

    They don’t like you no matter what you’ll do (remember obamacare, for which they’re now storming townhalls?). So, go ahead and do the right thing.

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  2. “Obama had a huge hand in throwing the election to Trump”

    He never gave any indication he liked Clinton, quite the opposite…. maybe he kind of liked the idea that another democrat couldn’t get into office on his coattails?


    1. “He never gave any indication he liked Clinton”

      Except for, you know, shitting on his own vice president’s aspirations by naming her as his preferred candidate way before the primaries even started. Or supporting her against Bernie.

      But the, actions don’t matter because you have a special insight into how he really thinks which causes you to say shit like Obama hates white women, so, good luck have fun. Our own Dinesh D’Souza on the blog, how cute.


        1. This is pure conjecture of course but I get the feeling that Obama and Hillary get along quite well. They interact with a friendly yet respectful familiarity and both lack that sort of crunched or tense body language that is the tell tale sign of irritation.

          That said, I agree that Obama should have fired Comey. But I think that the Democrats really thought that they had this election. I don’t think they predicted that the American people could be so woefully stupid as to elect Trump (I am still in shock some days.) So I personally think that they were preparing for a Clinton presidency–trying to do everything possible that people would accept her legitimacy after a remarkably aggressive election season. There was already talk by congressional Republicans about keeping the “email investigation” going should she be elected and I think Obama et al were trying to deal with that possibility. Keeping Comey on was a way of “appearing above the fray.” And truly, Clinton did nothing wrong and committed no crimes. There was no real reason to go after Comey.

          But their strategy proved sadly wrong headed of course. And now we are saddled with a temperamental toddler at our national helm.


          1. That’s exactly what I think pretty much verbatim, Evelina. They were very secure they’d win, and who wouldn’t be given the opponent? I’m still not over how shocked I was.

            The good thing is that the famous American institutions of democracy are holding well. Trump hasn’t been able to do anything any run of the mill Republican wouldn’t do. Which is bad enough but not shocking at least.


          2. ” I get the feeling that Obama and Hillary get along quite well.”

            You’re thinking of them as normal people. They’re not, they’re politicians which means they’re performers and so they have to be able to fake body language they don’t feel…. I don’t think either one got over the bitter 2008 nomination fight and Obama didn’t much care if Clinton dind’t win (and could even see potential upsides for his legacy if she didn’t). I think he wouldn’t have been bothered if she won but he wasn’t going to go out on any limbs or go any extra miles to make it happen.

            Thinking that politicians have normal human relationships with each other is like thinking that multi-billionaires care about anything but amassing more money.


  3. This is the party we’re dealing with. Can we officially declare ‘reaching out across the aisle’ to be stupid? That was Obama’s fetish for most of his presidency.

    Remember when the NC GOP office burned down and do-gooder centrist dems raised money for it to be rebuilt? In a 3 AM amendment they strip funds from black schools and ban a summer STEM program for poor kids.


    1. Truly a despicable group of people. How can so many people have so many “ideas” that are so consistently cruel and all around awful?

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