Klara now learns a word a day. Yesterday’s word was “cupcake” which she pronounces as “caca.” She first saw a cupcake in her alphabet book where it illustrates letter “c.” On that same day, a bunch of new bathtub toys arrived from Amazon Vine, and some of them were rubber cupcakes. 

She looked at a rubber cupcake, thought about it, and asked “Caca?” I confirmed that yes, it was a cupcake, just like in the book. She was so happy that she could identify and name the toy that she fell asleep clutching it in her little fist. 

In the morning, the first thing she did when I came into her room was show me the cupcake and announce “Caca!!” And you should see the joy on her beautiful little face. She’s so happy when she can communicate and have actual little conversations. 


6 thoughts on “Cupcake”

  1. Is she saying the long a sound or the short a sound?

    I know consonants are harder than vowels. I couldn’t say the n in banana as a toddler for a while.

    She’s so happy when she can communicate and have actual little conversations.
    Yes, Klara, me too.


    1. It sounds like cahcah. That’s short, right?

      She also has a word she keeps saying tuat I can’t decipher. It sounds like “vovah”, which is disturbing because it’s Putin’s first name. It’s not “robot” because she pronounces robot as “vobah.” But I don’t know what it can be.


  2. I love this stage when babies are learning new things every day. Their innocent astonishment at being able to communicate and have new understanding is so sweet. It’s just the best! I love reading your posts about her! 🙂


  3. My parents were worried about me because I didn’t go thru this stage at all. I understood language, but at 18 months I was so quite that my grandfather lied about my age because “I didn’t want him to lose face.”


  4. This is the most adorable story ever. The only thing that could make it more adorable is if you showed us a picture of her with her cupcake toy.


  5. Thanks!
    I needed a cute story like that after another day of t-RUMPLE-thin-sKNKin’s horrible 24 X 7 X 365 soap opera, “As America Turns (Even Further Into a Theocratic/”Christian”/Authoritarian/Facist/Plutocratic/Oligarchy)!”

    Which is something quite atrocious!


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