Let’s Give Trump Credit 

People who are preparing to speak at the upcoming NATO summit are urged to edit their talks to last under 4 minutes because President Trump refuses to listen to anything much longer. And good for him. 

I detest long-winded speakers who blab uselessly for hours. It’s not like anybody at the summit has invented the cure for cancer and needs to describe the scientific process. There’s no justification for members of such a frankly useless organization speaking for too long. 

Governmental organizations are famous for endless, boring meetings that have zero value whatsoever. The culture of “meetings” should be eliminated. I wish in academia we adopted the culture of standing or walking meetings that are fashionable in business circles. 

So good for Trump for making blabberers shut the ef up. 


2 thoughts on “Let’s Give Trump Credit ”

  1. And then there are the people at meetings who say, “I promise I’ll try to keep my remarks brief…,” but are almost always unable to keep this promise.

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