The Famous Diet

Everybody is asking about the famous diet. OK, here is the example of what I ate today. 

Breakfast: I made a frittata with beet greens, tomatoes, zucchini, a teaspoon of garbanzo flour dissolved in water, and 2 egg whites. And some cracked rosemary. 

Lunch: lentil soup with spinach and zucchini. And an ear of young corn.

Dinner: zucchini and patisson noodles (I bought a ton of zucchini at the farmers market and now it goes into everything) with tomato and fresh basil sauce. 

I eat raw cucumbers and radishes at every meal because I always do. 

I’ve been on the diet for exactly a month tomorrow, and I lost 10 lbs. 


5 thoughts on “The Famous Diet”

  1. This sounds so good. I’ve forgotten how much I love eating raw cucumbers and radish. Definitely going to get some the next time I go to the market. How do you make those noodles?

    Keep ’em coming, please.

    Unless it’s the weekend, I can’t do anything more than oatmeal with fresh fruit and jaggery for breakfast.


    1. I had to look up jaggery. Can a diabetic have it, though?

      I got one if those manual spiralizer thingies to make vegetable spaghetti. After you spiralize the vegetables, all you got to do is heat them up with your favorite sauce. Takes 10 minutes all told.


      1. “I had to look up jaggery. Can a diabetic have it, though?”

        I use just a tiny amount. It just lends a very nice, earthy flavor to the sweetness. It’s all in the amounts, though, no? Or has your doctor told you that some things are absolutely off-limits, no matter the quantity?


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