Pet Peeve

My new pet peeve is the use of the word “disruptive” in a positive way. The idea of “looking for disruptive educational strategies” sounds dumb. 

This bastardized business jargon is beyond annoying. 


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve”

  1. I think it’s a symptom of our time that the ideology of “disruption” has replaced the older notion of “progress”.

    Progress at least promised that things would improve, even if there was a disorienting period of change to be got through first. “Disruption” doesn’t promise anything except instability.

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  2. To whom are they selling “disruptive educational strategies” as a positive?

    Future Best Sellers:
    Float Like an Ice Cube, Flow Like Water, Vaporize Like Mist: Change States,
    Transform Globe

    The Witness Protection Advantage: How Upending My Life Turned Me Into a Fortune 10 CEO
    From Hieroglyphs to Emojis: Disrupt Semiotics
    California Dreaming: Landing the Big One When the Earth is Upheaving

    Why is business jargon or specifically marketing jargon so…inane?


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