Memorial Day Weekend Link Encyclopedia 

This kind of dumbfuckery is why I hate Zuckerberg: “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.” Yeah, that’s what people on welfare do. They try ideas. Spoiled rich brat. 

I really enjoyed this classification of straight-A students. What do you, folks, think? Does it ring true to you?

And this is a true gift for the holidays: the most ridiculous advice ever on female orgasm. I haven’t stopped laughing since I read it. “Just rub.” I can’t get over it. 

Great advice on finding ideas to write about

When consumers try to do politics.

I never thought I’d find anything Ryan does commendable but this definitely is

Yes, intelligence is genetic. Why this is so controversial is a mystery to me. 

Sleep loss leads to weight gain

The poisoned generation. Everybody should read this, everybody. 

Disturbing developments during Trump’s visit with Netanyahu. This looks very strange. 


11 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Link Encyclopedia ”

  1. Oh hey, I’ve never bought any Trump products! Good to know I’ve done my part, now time to kick back and relax with the yogurt of activists, Chobani.


  2. Re Trump – from comments:

    \ Could it be that this wandering event was just acting — part of developing an “exit strategy” to resign “for health” reasons instead of impeachment??

    Re “A Palestinian’s daily commute through an Israeli checkpoint”
    The checkpoints are necessary because of terror attacks. The only other solution would be not let a single Palestinian into Israel.

    Btw, regarding laborers from the Gaza Strip, at one point “Israel closed the crossings and stopped issuing work permits for Palestinian workers due to the intifada.” In 2015 some workers from Gaza were allowed again.

    Btw, I was interested in this article which mentions the only real solution to Gaza’s youth, imo:


  3. Maybe Zuckerberg is thinking of the starving artists/inventors. It’s a really romantic concept. Aaand… just a tad bit out of reality (for many people, at least).


  4. On the universal income thing, the anthropologist James Ferguson, who works on Southern Africa, has a book out about the effects of distributive wealth (aka universal basic income payments) in the region. I am only about halfway through it, but so far it is very, very interesting and very, very good. He raises a lot of issues which the dominant rhetoric around this sort of thing tends to obscure, making cogent links to neoliberal economic structures and the relative possibilities and pitfalls. It’s called Give A Man A Fish, if you are ever interested in checking it out.


  5. Portland deaths: Two stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim abuse

    Not being coy here, but can we seriously look at how these right-wing terrorists in suburban america are radicalized? What kind of news do they consume? Which online communities are they a part of?

    In Dylann Roof’s case, it was Trayvon Martin and the ensuing Baltimore protests.

    His online buddies:

    Although the Council of Conservative Citizens took down its website on June 20 in the immediate wake of negative publicity,[56] its president, Earl Holt, stated that the organization was “hardly responsible” for Roof’s actions.[59] However, the organization also issued a statement saying that Roof had some “legitimate grievances” against black people and that the group’s website “accurately and honestly report[s] black-on-white violent crime”.[69] Harold Covington, the founder of the Northwest Front, also condemned Roof’s actions, but called the attack “a preview of coming attractions”.[61]


  6. Norway fuming after aid money used by PA to honor Coastal Road Massacre terrorist

    Palestinian Authority uses aid money to build women’s center in honor of Dalal Mughrabi, who commanded the terrorist cell that carried out one of the worst terror attacks in Israeli history; Norwegian Foreign Ministry demands logo be removed from building and that PA return aid money.

    Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende further noted that “Norway will not enter into any new aid agreements with the Palestinian Election Commission or UN Women in Palestinian until procedures are put in place to ensure actions such as these don’t happen again in the future.”,7340,L-4968245,00.html


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