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RNC and the First Amendment 

So you know how one always has to explain to idiots that freedom of speech guarantees you the right to speak but doesn’t provide you with a captive audience? The RNC doesn’t get the distinction:

In a comment filed with the FCC on Friday, the RNC said it felt the telecom agency should clear the way for organizations — including, apparently, itself — to auto-dial directly to voicemail inboxes with prerecorded pitches. Failing to permit the practice, the RNC warned, could threaten the First Amendment rights of political groups.

Like dumb trolls who insist that their right to be heard on the blog that belongs to somebody else is protected by First Amendment, the RNC believes it should have the right to inundate the mailbox you pay for with its messages.


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One thought on “RNC and the First Amendment 

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    Republican tries to get people deported for disagreeing with him.


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