Long-form Journalism Is Back

Long-form journalism seems to be recovering after the prolonged post-election slump when nobody published anything but monotonous Trump-related moans. Here is a great article on the disappearance of retail jobs

2 thoughts on “Long-form Journalism Is Back”

  1. This is why I’m going to college. Jobs like mine are going to be automated away within my lifetime. I consider myself blessed to have the privilege to get an education.


  2. While it may be gratifying to see long form journalism, the fact that it’s called “long form” grates me, as that terminology is something I associate with the Mediumification of what was the blogosphere, which is going the way of the malls.

    It may be long form, but being National Review, it’s particularly long on snark. They just had to get in digs against Walter Mondale, and the idea of buying local (which they label as “economically illiterate). I don’t even want to know what PR firm came up with the term “pro-immigration labor-activist group.” As if National Review itself isn’t basically a pressure group.

    But “Eliotic objective correlative for despair?” No wonder there are high school classes on coffeehouse chatter.


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