We Are to Blame

What these little shits at Evergreen, Middlebury, Berkeley and Co are doing is especially offensive because they utilize as a weapon the very real suffering caused by racism. The little shits have no knowledge of or respect for that suffering. They hide behind the real victims because it’s entertaining and relieves the boredom. 

And we all allow them to do it. 

If instead of being feted and rewarded (see my recent post about the awards given to the little shits at Yale), the narcissistic tantrums of the little shits were greeted with universal disgust and opprobrium, they’d stop. If the nasty little twerps knew that screaming like an unhinged maniac at a professor or administrator would mean never getting hired for a decent job or being automatically turned down by every grad program, I promise you, the twerps would find a way to control their outbursts fast enough. 

Remember the woman who posted racist comments about Africa while on an airplane? Remember what awaited her when she disembarked? The little dweebs at Middlebury and Co are doing the exact same thing. 

Every time a bored little twat at Evergreen or wherever throws a tantrum about “racism”, it becomes that much more difficult to bring the conversation back to actual racism. This crucial and painful subject is degraded by outbursts about Halloween costumes and cafeteria meals. 

It’s not ok, we shouldn’t tolerate it. 

It’s not ok.


16 thoughts on “We Are to Blame”

  1. Looking ahead a decade or two, when “these little shits at Evergreen, Middlebury, Berkeley and Co” gain positions of power in government, as they are likely to do, what will become of America? I find the prospect frightening and, nearly at the age of 76, am glad I probably won’t be around to experience it.

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    1. “..what will become of America?”

      Yeah, these questions keep me up at night too. How will future generations squander the tremendous opportunities and the solid foundation provided to them by Donald Trump and the Republican party? If they can’t even model their behavior and moral values from these luminaries, is there any hope for the future?


      Your president asks his followers to beat up protesters and promises to pay their legal bills. Never has a word to say about the 3 people killed in the last two weeks by white supremacists. A GOP congressman got elected to office after he assaulted a journalist and his supporters cheered on. And that’s just what has happened in the last two weeks.

      But yeah, it’s all the children’s fault. It’s the college kids who have all the power in the world. And teachers unions. The two most powerful groups in modern america. Oh, and people on food stamps too. Forgot about them.


      1. The “children” at Yale or Middlebury come from the same social class of rich entitled folks as Trump. What food stamps? They all have trust funds.


        1. Of course not, these middlebury students can go fuck themselves for all I care.

          I was just listing the groups that conservatives have special scorn for; the people they think are responsible for society’s ills.


    2. So yeah, stop with this sanctimonious bullshit. You don’t give a shit about the direction this country is heading towards.


      1. Recognizing your expertise in “sanctimonious bullshit,” I yield. I hope that you will be among the blessed allowed to speak. The rest of us who won’t be obviously don’t have anything useful to say.


  2. \ Remember the woman who posted racist comments about Africa while on an airplane? Remember what awaited her when she disembarked?

    I googled and read her Twit, and I think the following description is true – “she became the latest example of the power of Twitter to destroy those who cause offense through unthinking use of the social media site.”

    I do not 100% feel “it’s truly wonderful that she got punished” about Justine Sacco’s story because:

    1) There are many (often powerful) people who do truly damaging things and are never forced to face consequences, unlike some unsignificant person (*) who becomes famous for a day as a result of his/her stupidity.

    (*) I read again and she was less insignificant than I thought, but the same could happen to a “simple person” too.

    Trump is a president; Sacco is the “devil.” It’s funny in an absurd way.

    Instead of working to ensure real improvements for disadvantaged groups, an Internet mob entertains itself in a reality-show fashion.

    2) Even if you agree she deserved everything she got in this case, the next affected person may not deserve it. She was fired not because of racism, but since a company wanted to protect itself from the mob. The next fired person may be somebody you would 100% support, while being fired for the same reason – bad publicity.

    3) It’s already frightening to write anything under one’s real name since one thoughtless sentence or a racist (or “racist”) joke (or “joke”) may leave one without a job and worse.

    I do feel a little sorry for her. May be, I do not understand the significance of what she did (unsure I got the “joke” since much of racial American context is completely alien to my reality, so I don’t feel what it means the way I feel about Israeli realities or antisemitism), but anyway she wasn’t the one to do active harm like denying health care.


    1. Have you seen the video where the dweebs at Evergreen are screaming down the college President? They won, the administration not only didn’t punish them but gave them all they wanted.

      Of course, we can console ourselves by saying that there are worse things, like the Bubonic plague or the global warming. But there’s always something worse than something else. That doesn’t mean one should accept people peeing on one’s head and express gratitude for it.


  3. Evergreen isn’t progressive and one of the signs of this is that faculty are at-will employees. No tenure / no academic freedom means customer-students (although Evergreen would not, originally, have wanted students to be customers) really can get rid of this professor.

    Discussions of race are particularly fraught in the Pacific NW, there is in fact serious racism also misguided forms of antiracism. That, I would bet, is what has fueled this more than boredom/entitlement (the entitled study elsewhere, I think).


    1. We have a good number of black students at my school and they come from really harsh places. There is not a chance I can even begin to imagine any of them behaving like the students in this Evergreen video. My students are truly from a different planet.


      1. The Pacific NW is much freakier on race than anywhere else in the country I am familiar with for all sorts of reasons. Much odder than IL, for instance, for all the problems IL has. You saw about the recent Portland tortilla controversy, right?


        1. God, yes, it was the weirdest news item. I didn’t even link to it in my link post because it was too bizarre. I thought Portland was supposed to be this enlightened place.


          1. The enlightenedness is as fake as the progressivism of Evergreen. I mean, sure, it’s not like being in Eastern Oregon where everyone votes Trump, but still.

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  4. The American president’s condolence message after the london attacks.

    What Will Become Of America? ™


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