The Best Productivity Trick

The best productivity trick I have right now is to forgive myself for not doing enough. Ideally, the forgiveness should happen every day or I will be eaten alive by feelings of guilt for not doing as much as I should. The summer is at fault because I don’t have to be at work and feel like I need to be doing an insane amount of things to make use of the free time.

I have a notebook that I use every evening to go over all of my daily achievements to stave off the guilt. It works but not as great as I’d like it to.


One thought on “The Best Productivity Trick”

  1. That’s the trick I am using too.

    But to not work and feel guilty about it, or to feel guilty about not overworking, is something I learned as an adult and is not really me. It’s easy to slough off, like a bad habit you’ve picked up via peer influence and leave off just as easily. It appears that most people have this guilt/work complex ingrained far more deeply than I do. It is Erickson’s stage 3.

    My psychic wound is in stage 2, which is about autonomy, being a separate person. My mother had such a hard time with this, did not want it to happen, and also spent some months in a mental hospital during this period. I have massive doubt about whether I can be autonomous without having this hurt others, and/or be autonomous and successful at it, and also shame about being autonomous without hurting others and shame about not failing at it. At the same time, I have amazing willpower. That I also find it boring to use — as though I had already used it so much, to become autonomous despite the undertow, that I am tired of it.


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