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[Russian] A sensational investigative report on the people who organized the fatal crash of flight MH17. Tons of photos. Here is the report in English. 

Neoliberal mothering.

If it’s slavery in Louisiana, then it’s slavery in Arkansas, as well. You just can’t pick and choose, at least not in the same week. I, for one, have no idea why it would be any better to have convicts just sit in their cells staring at each other, but it’s not like these denunciations ever come accompanied by an alternative plan. 

Are others discovering worry and guilt within the constant barrage of new information and advice?” wonders one of IHE’s resident drama queens. My answer is no, I’m not because I figured out a long time ago that worry and guilt don’t reside inside articles and FB posts. They come from within human beings. 

Jonathan Mayhew wrote a brilliant piece on virtue-signaling. Jonathan’s blog is flourishing this summer. 

Did people identify with the professor at Evergreen because “they identify with him racially, and some feel similarly victimized by a changing culture that sometimes challenges or de-centers their whiteness”? Or should the person who wrote the linked piece have his head examined?

really good article on the politics of clothing in the US.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. Hey, Clarissa, since you obviously enjoy laughing at dumb people, take a giggle at how this simple riddle is “baffling the Internet” (at least according to MSN News):

    “If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”


  2. If, as we do, you incarcerate people who do not really need a prison sentence, and you appropriate tax monies that could otherwise be used for HE, health, environmental protection, etc. to house these people, and you then contract them out to private corporations to work below minimum wage at jobs for companies you and/or your friends hold, and you also privatize as many of the incarceration facilities as possible to companies you and your friends also hold, then you have quite a scam going, and we have been engaging in schemes like this since the 1880s or so.

    That’s just a rough sketch. If you don’t do this, you can still have prisoners working and doing things — there is a lot to be done at a prison, as with any institution, just to maintain the place. Also, there can be legit work release, that is different from having a chain gang maintain the roads, or firing the university gardeners and getting the work done for much less by sherriff’s department detainees, as we do.


  3. What do you think about this?

    Israeli academics barred from expressing political opinion in class

    According to the new ethical code, lecturers would only be allowed to discuss political issues in class when it is relevant to the course, such as in political sciences.

    In addition, the code forbids faculty members from participating in an academic boycott or calling on others to support such boycotts.

    Academic departments are also barred from working with groups and organizations that have a political affiliation.

    Each academic institute would be required to establish a unit to enforce the ethical code and supervise lecturers’ political activity. Students would be able to file complaints with the unit as well.

    The new ethical code also determines sanctions for those who break it.

    [Education Minister] Bennett sought to introduce the new ethical code after receiving complaints over the past two years from right-wing NGOs who asked him to stop left-wing academics from promoting their political agendas during lectures.,7340,L-4973546,00.html

    Note: Bennett is from a national-religious (not Haredi), right wing party.


    1. We are a state university and we can’t express political opinions in class either. I think it’s great because teaching is not about opining. It’s about teaching students to opine.


  4. THE carnage of the London Bridge attack could have been worse

    police released details on Saturday that showed Khuram Butt originally tried to rent a 7.5 tonne truck. The intended truck was smaller but similar to the one used in the Nice attack on Bastille Day last year that killed 86 people and injured hundreds in the resort town in the south of France.


  5. This story is huge in Israel now:

    When the relatives of a Palestinian baby whose mother was seriously injured in a road accident sought nurse Ula Ostrowski-Zak’s help in finding someone to breastfeed him, she didn’t think twice and offered to do it herself. Later on, she used Facebook to enlist dozens of other Jewish women who volunteered to hug the nine-month-old boy and care for his family. ‘It was very natural and felt like the right thing to do,’ she says.,7340,L-4972646,00.html

    There was only one article against nurse’s choice I’ve seen (it’s in Hebrew). The author claimed it was unhygienic, that the nurse could transmit deseases to a baby via milk.


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