Swedish Explosions 

So remember the explosions in the refugee centers in Sweden last Fall and then early this winter? Turns out they were organized by Russian neo-Nazis. These folks feel betrayed by Putin who put the brakes on the invasion of Ukraine and are looking for fresh areas to conduct their activities. 


4 thoughts on “Swedish Explosions ”

  1. It took me a long time to find the info, so if somebody is interested:

    Media: Suspects of explosions in Swedish city of Gothenburg were trained in Russia

    Also, I have stumbled upon an interesting contradiction: while the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs’s website defines the claim “The high level of immigration means that the system in Sweden is on the verge of collapse” as a myth, a newspaper article shows why some may have this wrong impression:

    [Published: 06/07/2017] A trauma-care center in Sweden has been told to stop treating rape victims and focus instead on the growing refugee population.

    At the same time, there has been an uptick in rapes and sexual assaults by immigrants in recent years

    The managers of the clinic are surprised at this decision, since they have always been open about the type of patients they treat, and did not expect the government to change their focus.

    There is also concern that these raped women will not have access to the care that they need, since there is not another clinic in Stockholm that offers similar assistance.



  2. One of commentors about the closing rape-center linked this article. Right wing propaganda? A not representative case? Usual way of treating “good boys” in American courts regardless of refugee status?

    \ A judge sentenced three Muslim refugee boys in the sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl in Idaho, but nobody knows the length or terms of the sentence because the judge has barred everyone in the courtroom, including the victim’s own parents, from speaking about the case.

    Geller said there were 12 to 15 people in the courtroom for the sentencing hearing and one of them leaked the outcome to her anonymously.

    “And the more I heard, the more I understood why this judge wanted to keep all the proceedings secret,” she said.

    “Janice Kroeger, the senior deputy prosecuting attorney, who was supposed to be trying these boys for their crimes, defended the boys and repeatedly attacked Lacy, the victim’s mother. A therapist for the boys was present, as well as a parole officer and a detective. Everything that was said was designed to portray the perpetrators as victims. Throughout the proceedings, they were repeatedly called victims.”



  3. I am sorry I accidentally posted the second comment here, I tried to do it on “Friday Link Encyclopedia” thread.

    Regarding Swedish Explosions, I still think most explosions and hate acts in Sweden are done by Swedes and are not not Putin’s / Russian neo-Nazis’ work. The articles I just looked at showed me plenty of very refugee-hating Swedes.

    On a slightly different topic, after reading

    ” Sweden sees sharp rise in violent Islamist extremists as numbers soar from 200 to ‘thousands’ in seven years, warns intelligence agency ”

    I wonder whether such measures would have any effect:

    Germany plans to fingerprint children as young as SIX and give authorities the right to look at private messages on services such as WhatsApp in a bid to prevent terrorism


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