Terror in London

Another terror attack in London? It’s unbelievable how much shit has befallen that city lately. 


5 thoughts on “Terror in London”

  1. Seriously! I saw that and my heart fell. I love London so much. It’s terrible what’s going on there. It also makes me nervous that some of my students will pull out of the study abroad I’m planning for next year. 😳


  2. After reading comments at news sites, I decided to check whether they were lying about the attacked mosque.

    Found the info in “Former terrorism links” section on wiki:

    I think the mosque’s history may have been one of reasons for the attacker’s choice of a target. Obviously, as usual in such cases, innocent people were murdered, while real terrorists got exactly what they were dreaming of – an example of peaceful Muslims being attacked because of their religion in Europe.


  3. Latest news:

    ” France’s interior min. says driver who rammed a car carrying explosives into a police convoy on the Champs-Elysees avenue has died; no one else reported injured; motivation for attack remains unclear. “


  4. Apparently, the latest French attacker was “a known extremist.” What good can all fingerprinting and reading private Whatsapp messages (*) do, if the attackers are known and still allowed to walk free instead of deportation somewhere?

    \ The dramatic moment a known extremist is pulled out of a smoking car containing weapons and explosives after RAMMING a police van in a ‘terror attack’ on the Champs-Élysées before an officer checks him for a suicide bomb

    (*) Germany to fingerprint kids as young as SIX and allow cops to read private Whatsapp messages in new anti-terror crackdown


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