Potty Potheads

From an interesting article on immigration in The Atlantic:

In 2014, the University of California listed melting pot as a term it considered a “microaggression.”

Even for California it sounds deranged. Is it an urban myth of some sort?


8 thoughts on “Potty Potheads”

  1. It sounds ridiculous.

    To some people no matter how well you speak English and how long you’ve lived in a country, you’ll never be “assimilated” enough.

    Like this woman.
    A deranged Canadian woman freaking out claiming that no doctor in this clinic is a white Canadian who speaks English.
    She’s saying her kid has chest pains, and spends that time screaming at everyone in the clinic instead of…doing something. Everyone is speaking in perfectly intelligible English.


      1. I don’t know. What an incredibly strange freak out. “Provide me with someone who doesn’t exist in this location while I rant and rave like a lunatic about my child’s imminent illness.” Yes, because a child who is experiencing chest pains (so she says) needs is a pointless dumb rant about melanin and teeth. “I want a white doctor! I want someone under 45! No red heads! Where the hell is George Clooney! I’ve been lied to!” I mean, if she were ranting about seeing a cardiologist or wait times she might make some sense.


  2. Slightly off-topic, but would you consider the term “motor moron” an offensive microagression when applied to Richard Nixon?

    CNN had a special over the weekend that revisited the Watergate saga, and the two main guests were retired NBC anchor Tom Brokaw and Dick Cavett, who was a TV talk show host during the Watergate era.

    Nixon sometimes appeared physically awkward in public, and years ago the very liberal Cavett, no fan of Nixon’s, joked about Nixon having a neurological disorder that Cavett labeled “motor moron.” (Nixon never had any neurological disorder; he was simply awkward.)

    Cavett attempted to repeat the joke on CNN Sunday night using the term, and was cut off by the show’s host, claiming “We’re out of time.”

    At the end of the show, the CNN host apologized to the viewers, saying in very somber tones that a “VERY OFFENSIVE term was used on the show that, even in historical context, had absolutely no place on CNN, and we sincerely apologize for it.” It sounded like he was announcing a funeral.

    Considering all the things Trump is currently being called on the air, at least on MSNBC, CNN’s response was surprising.


    1. Motor moron. 😁😁😁😁 That’s totally me. I will now call myself motor moron. The other day I fell on the stairs and now my foot looks like I’m in that stage of diabetes when an amputation is in order.

      I have no idea why people fret over words like moron and retarded. It’s all way too crazy.


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