Murder by Opioid

An Oklahoma doctor is facing five counts of second-degree murder charges following the opioid overdose deaths of her patients.

Finally! If only there existed at least a tiny little chance that the companies that engaged in blatant false marketing of opioids could be brought to trial. I’d be a happy, happy person if I got to see that. I once again recommend Dreamland by Sam Quinones for a brilliant investigative report on these vicious criminals. 


5 thoughts on “Murder by Opioid”

  1. So the physician is being held responsible for the ill deeds of the drug companies.

    Perhaps physicians nation-wide should establish their own network of private detective agencies, which would thoroughly investigate each prescription drug on the market to assess viability of use ahead-of-time, so they would have an idea beforehand of potential effects of said drug on said patient?

    Since, obviously, the onus is solely on the physicians themselves to ensure the safety of their patients.


    1. “so they would have an idea beforehand of potential effects of said drug on said patient?”

      Dude, that’s like, literally their job.


      1. After two births and some dental work, I have accumulated a collection of opioids that would enable me to open quite a profitable drug-peddling business. I didn’t ask for these drugs, I wasn’t even in much pain. If I weren’t as knowledgeable as I am and had taken all that I was prescribed, I know I would be addicted right now.

        Doctors are bribed, literally bribed, by pharmaceutical companies into making these outlandish and needless prescriptions. And they somehow don’t know that 30 days on opioids for a tooth extraction or a minor back injury can get one addicted? Really?


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